Learn Arabic Typing Complete Course

Arabic Typing Short Course Overview

This is a complete Course for absolute beginners who want to learn how to type Arabic - no Arabic keyboard required!

This is a straightforward course that will teach you how to type Arabic language fast and accurately.

Arabic Typing Short Course Structure

The course it's structured in the following way:

  1. Input Language Configuration:
  2. As we want to type Arabic language but we dont have an Arabic Keyboard, first we will configure Arabic language as our input language. This way, we will type using our English keyboard, but the output language will be Arabic!

  3. Learning how to type letters of the Arabic Alphabets:
  4. Next, we will learn how to type all the letters of the Arabic alphabet. How? in every lesson, we will learn how to type two letters of the Arabic alphabet, untill we cover all the 29 letters of the Arabic alphabet.

  5. Typing actual words and sentences:
  6. Then, we will apply what we have learnt to type Arabic words and sentences.

  7. Typing vowelled words and sentences:
  8. In the end, we will learn how to type Arabic vowels (Fatha, Kasrah, Dhammah, etc) on the words and sentences that we have already learnt.

    Now, there is nothing left oter than practicing more and more in order to acquire speed and accuracy.

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