Arabic Typing Trainings Short Course

How to learn Arabic typing fast? - content writting course in lahore

Our College Genuine Technology of Computer College offers a comprehensive Arabic typing computer course that is designed to help students improve their typing skills in the Arabic language. In this Best Arabic typing course training students will learn the proper typing techniques and keyboard layout for typing in Arabic you can learn each and everything by practice exercises and typing tests which may help you to improve your Arabic typing skills. Here is our Arabic typing computer course content;

  • Introduction to Arabic Typing
  • Basic Text Formatting in InPage
  • Advanced Text Formatting in InPage
  • Adding Graphics and Images in InPage
  • Page Layout and Design in InPage
  • Spell-Checking and Proofreading in InPage
  • Advanced Features in InPage

This Arabic Typing Training Short Course is designed in such a way that after the completion of course student is capable to start working in the organizations and afford their own expense and then further learn the advance computer courses and grow their career opportunities. Genuine Tech is one of the Top Computer College in Lahore for learning basic to advance level computer courses our aim is to provide quality Education to the youth of Pakistan in order to enhance their computer skills and career opportunities.

Arabic Typing Computer Course Training

Genuine Tech Arabic Typing Course may covers the use of InPage a popular software for typing in Arabic and other languages written in the Arabic script you can learn how to use InPage to create professional documents including text, graphics, images it may also include the advanced features of InPage such as text formatting, page layout, tables, graphs and many more. In this Arabic computer course training you learn how to use InPage for tasks such as spell checking, grammar checking etc.
By the end of the course candidates will be proficient in Arabic typing as well as in using InPage for creating high quality documents in Arabic language which may enhance their career opportunities in any organization and they can earn money to afford their expense after the completion of this Arabic typing course you must learn the best advance computer course as well to enhance your computer skills.

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Arabic Typing Trainings Short Course - short courses in lahore