What is JavaScripts?

What is JavaScripts? - short courses in lahore

What is JavaScript?
JavaScript is a scripting language that is mostly use different type of feature on web pages, web portal, server, web application. It is clint-side scripting language. It is a case sensitive language used world wide. HTML and CSS is basically used for front-end language and JS is client-side programming language. It is used for all type of calculation of web portal, point of sale software, web application and manipulate and validation of data. some of variables know as:
Numbers, Strings, Objects, Functions, Arrays

JavaScript Output
It can be display data with the help of
HTML element inner.HTML()
HTML output using document.write()
alert box using window.alert()
browser console using console.log()

using for print window.print()

there functiona are commonly used in it.

document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = "Hello Dolly.";