CorelDRAW Short Course

Become Expert CorelDRAW Short Course

CorelDRAW Short Course - short courses in lahore

CorelDRAW Computer Short Course

  1. CorelDRAW New Document Setup
  2. How to Customize the CorelDRAW Workspace
  3. 10 Tips for Better CorelDRAW Productivity
  4. Using Transparency to Create Composite Images
  5. How to Create a Brochure Template
  6. Corel PHOTO-PAINT TIP: Create Sun and Light effects
  7. CorelDRAW Video Tip: Open and Import. CDR Files
  8. Corel PHOTO-PAINT TIP: Using Defringe to Remove White Edges
  9. CorelDRAW Video Tip: Basic Transformations
  10. CorelDRAW Video Tip: Drawing Basic Shapes
  11. CorelDRAW Video Tip: Seamless Patterns
  12. How to Weld, Trim and Combine Objects
  13. Working with Layers in the Object Manager
  14. How to use the Transparency Tool
  15. Advanced Transparency Effects
  16. Clipping Objects into Other Objects with PowerClip
  17. How to Design Curves
  18. How to Split Objects with the Knife Tool
  19. Introduction to CorelDRAW for Screen Printing
  20. How to Use Clipart
  21. How to Make Clipart from a Photo
  22. How to Customize Clipart
  23. How to Use Color Harmonies
  24. Creating Realistic Objects with Mesh Fill
  25. Using the Hints Docker
  26. Creating Duotones and Monochrome Images in CorelDRAW and PHOTO-PAINT
  27. Removing Backgrounds from Images in CorelDRAW and PHOTO-PAINT

Working with Text in CorelDRAW

  1. Introduction to Fonts
  2. Overview of the Text Tool
  3. Adding and Editing Text
  4. Working with Variable Fonts
  5. Manipulating Text with the Shape Tool
  6. Formatting Paragraph Text
  7. Adding Effects to Text
  8. Text Effects
  9. Languages and Special Characters
  10. CorelDRAW Writing Tools
  11. Default, Embedded and Substitute Fonts
  12. CorelDRAW Font Management Tips
  13. Using the Font Manager
  14. How to Import a Font Database
  15. Create a Chiseled Effect
  16. Create a Mosaic Effect
  17. Creating a Distressed Look
  18. Creating an Interlaced Effect

CorelDRAW for Screen Printers

  1. Introduction to CorelDRAW for Screen Printing
  2. CorelDRAW New Document Setup
  3. Vector Art vs. Raster Art
  4. How to Analyze and Fix Customer-Supplied Artwork
  5. Understanding Color Palettes
  6. Printing Color Separations
  7. Top 10 CorelDRAW Tips for Screen Printers
  8. Screen Printing Project: T-shirt Design and Mockup

Text Effects in CorelDRAW

  1. Create a Chiseled Effect
  2. Create a Mosaic Text Effect
  3. Using PowerClip
  4. Creating a Distressed Look
  5. Creating an Interlaced Effect