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What is the introduction of the World Wide Web? - shan trainings

At Genuine Tech you can understand the advance concept of What is WWW and the fundamental component of the modern internet. It is a wide network of interconnected documents and resources that has revolutionized the way we access information, communicate and conduct business you can seek knowledge about the complete introduction of the WWW and its significance in the real-world digital age. The concept of World Wide Web was proposed by Sir Tim Berner who is a British computer scientist in 1989 you can gain knowledge about;

  • Introduction to the World Wide Web (WWW)
  • Origins of the World Wide Web
  • Key Components of the WWW
  • The impact of the WWW
  • How the World Wide Web Works
  • HTTP and WWW Guide
  • WWW and HTML

The Key components of WWW may include the Web Pages which is the building block of the WWW in which you contain text, images, videos, links and many more the next component is Links in which you can create connection between web pages and third one is URLs which is used to locate and identify the specific web pages the next one is Web Browsers which may include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and many other software applications which may access and interact with web content the last one is Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more through which user can find specific information on the web.

HTML The Building Blocks of the World Wide Web

HTML is the front-end web development language which is used in creating web pages is the building blocks of the world wide web developers can used HTML for creating web pages of a website, CSS for styling these web pages and JavaScript for creating dynamic and unique web pages.
In WWW HTML is the fundamental and building blocks for web and is important to learn if you want to become a web developer or software developer you can first learn front-end web technologies and create dynamic projects in it once you become master in front-end development you may start learn back-end development in multiple or one language this may help you to become proficient web developer ready to start their career in any organization.

Uses of World Wide World / Internet

World Wide Web / internet is used for communication for having calls in case of students it is used for learning like getting the information of the topic which they want according to their assignments and daily tasks and the older one getting the news of all the world acccessing websites that is relevant to our work and watching video to get information and many more.
WWW and digital communication may provide manyg uses to the world like many business can start their business online and grow them through social communications which may result in the progress of business and country. WWW is the gateway for global connectivity like people from any country can communicate to each other and share ideas and businesses which may result in friendship of many countries and they can import and export their porducts as well.

Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Differences

In Web 1.0 a static fundamental website is created and is only used for reading purposes of audience after that Web 2.0 manifest a great impact on web experience which may emphasizing user-generated content, collaboration and many other factors. After that the emergence of Web 3.0 which we also refer as semantic web is a great revolution which may empowering users to create, share and interact on a global scale it may provide the user more intelligent and context aware web experience. For more At Genuine Tech, you can learn the best computer courses like web development and many more which may increase your computer skills and career opportunities in job market.

WWW and E-Commerce Emergence

In Ecommerce online businesses like online shopping is possible due to WWW and e-commerce emergence amazon was the first website which may start online shopping concept in USA and later on in Pakistan Daraz is the best website for online shopping and it is possible with the internet or WWW with out their integration it can't be done.
Web developers can create e-commerce website which is most in demand right now for online selling products on internet as we can say e-commerce in web development may generate more sales or revenue of businesses people can create online stores target more customer by creating their websites this is beneficial for customers as well they don't need to travel and go to stores as well every thing is delivered to them at home which can save their time and transport expense.
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What is the introduction of the World Wide Web? - shan trainings

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