Computer Short Courses In Lahore

Computer Short Courses in Lahore Pakistan

Full Stack Developer Course in Lahore

We at Genuine Technology of Computer College offer many languages used for development purposes. Developing Front-end of a website development requires HTML, used for developing basic structure of webpage. CSS, used for designing webpage and Javascript, for dynamically updating content etc. Bootstrap, which has classes that helps us in developing different parts of a website. Tailwind CSS is also an important tool which is a framework of CSS. The languages used for backend are Laravel, a web application with expressive syntax. PHP Web Development, used for creation of web servers. MySQL, used for establishing a connection with database. Wordpress, also used for building websites. Ajax is a technique that is used for creating fast dynamic web pages. We also offer Short Courses of different tools that are used in everyday life like Autocad which is a software used to design maps. We also offer Short Courses of Adobe Photoshop and CorelDRAW Computer Short Course that are used for graphic designing. Programs offered by Genuine Tech Computer related Short Courses in Lahore Pakistan.