Data Mining Complete Course

Introduction to Data Minig

Data Mining is the prcess to extract meaningful information from vast sets of data.With every passing second,billions of data are generated,and the companies are using this data to understand potential customers and manage growth for the business.Data Mining is widely used across various industries.Understanding data miningi is essential to develop a successful career as a Data Scientist.This data mining course is about the concepts of Data Mining,such as Anomaly detection and Regression Analysis,along with the hands-on.The course starts with a basic overview and the terminologies involved in data mining and then gradually moves on to cover topics such as calassification,regressiom and prediction

Data Mining Course Outline

  1. Data Description
  2. Basic Data Understanding
  3. Data Mainipulation
  4. Skewness using Histogram/ Density Curves
  5. Visualising outliners using boxplots
  6. Visualising correlation using Scatter plots/Heat map
  7. What is Machine Learning?
  8. Introduction to Regression Analysis
  9. Linear Regression Demo
  10. Multiple Linear Regression Demo
  11. Salary prediction Demo
  12. Introduction to logistic Regression
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