Inpage Tutorial


  1. Inpage Title Bar
  2. Inpage Menubar
  3. Inpage Ribbon
  4. Inpage Optional Ribbon
  5. Inpage Tools Bar
  6. Inpage Rulers
  7. Inpage Scroll Bar
  8. Inpage Master Button
  9. Inpage Zoom Bar
  10. Inpage Language Button
  11. Inpage File Menu
  12. Place Option in Inpage
  13. Importing Text and Picture in Inpage
  14. Inpage Import Text
  15. Inpage Import Picture
  16. Exporting Page and images in Inpage
  17. Inpage Export Text
  18. Inpage Export Picture
  19. Inpage Edit Menu
  20. Inpage Find and Replace
  21. Inpage Match Case
  22. Inpage Match Word
  23. Inpage Find Next
  24. Inpage Cancel
  25. Inpage Replace
  26. Duplicate in Inpage
  27. Inpage Clear Option
  28. Inpage Story Editor
  29. Lock Guides option in Inpage
  30. Delete Page Option in Inpage
  31. Inpage Set Keyboard Preferences
  32. Inpage Typographic Preferences
  33. Inpage Format Menu
  34. Character Option in Inpage
  35. Paragraph Option in Inpage
  36. Sorting in Inpage
  37. Inpage Formatting Table
  38. Inpage Table Layout
  39. Object(Text Box, Image Box) Formatting in Inpage
  40. Runaround Command from Format Menu
  41. Insert Command from Format Menu
  42. Master Page in Inpage
  43. Inpage Style Sheeets
  44. Inpage Defining New Custom Colors
  45. Inpage Insert Menu
  46. Inpage Date and Time
  47. Inpage Inline Picture
  48. Inpage Inserting new page
  49. Inpage Inserting Page Numbers
  50. Inpage Inserting Table
  51. Inpage Split Table
  52. Converting Text to Text and Table to text in Inpage
  53. Inpage Creting Index Table
  54. Inpage Change the Language

About Inpage

Inpage application is an word processing application that is used for professional and personal use for creating documents in urdu, English, Pashto and Sindhi Language. It is mostly used for newspaper, books writing and magazines taht need to be written in Urdu or Arabicc, Sindhi and Pashto Languages. These languages are most commonly spoken in Pakistan and India.

InPage Urdu Typing short course InPage Urdu Typing

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