Data Entry Complete Course

Introduction to Data Entry

  1. Data Entry Basic
  2. Data Entery professionl


  1. MS-word window Elements
  2. File Managment
  3. Using the interface
  4. Editing Text
  5. Viewing Options
  6. Insertion Options
  7. Formatting Document


  1. Worksheet Basics
  2. File Managment
  3. Working with Workbooks
  4. Menus and Toolbars
  5. Edition Data
  6. Autofill
  7. Viewing Options
  8. Formatting Cells


  1. Windows Basics
  2. The Users Interface
  3. Windows Accessories

Data Entry Project Examples

  1. File Conversion from Image to Excel - job Example
  2. Data Entry - Collect Specified Information form a Website
  3. Data Entry from Website

About Data Entry

Data entry requires a number of skills including:Typing,trascritption,computer skills,time managment and organisational abilities,administrative skills,and more.

Data Entry Best Short Course

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