Urdu Typing

Urdu Typing

  1. Introduction to Urdu Typing Basic
  2. Downloading and Installation
  3. First User Interface Layouts
  4. Creating new Page and Settings
  5. Urdu Text Formatting
  6. English Text Formatting
  7. File Menu
  8. Opening New File
  9. Save File
  10. Save as and collect for Output
  11. Place
  12. Export and import
  13. Print
  14. Selection Tool
  15. Hand Tool
  16. Rotation Tool
  17. Creating and Working on Master page
  18. Link text chain Tool
  19. Text Box Tool
  20. Title Text box Tool
  21. Change Urdu text Formatting using Photoshop and Corel Draw
  22. Shape Tools
  23. Edit Menu
  24. Cut, Copy and paste the text
  25. Duplicate Clear and Select all the text
  26. Edit Menu
  27. Find and Replace
  28. Align Shapes, guideline
  29. Story editor, preferences
  30. View Menu Complete
  31. Format Menu Character to Text wrap
  32. Format menu Sort Text to define color
  33. Complete Insert Menu
  34. Symbol menu Complete
  35. Window and help menu
  36. Utilities
  37. Language

About Urdu Typing

Urdu Typing is the first,unique and most powerful tool that has writing support of Arabic, Urdu, Sindhi, Pashto, Kashmiri and English.

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