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What do you learn about computer hardware and software? - shan college

  • Physical Essentials for Hardware: Motherboard, Ram, Processor, Hard disk and CD\DVD Rom
  • Logical Essentials for Software: Data Recovery, Virus Protection, Windows Drivers Installation
  • Networking Concepts: Network Cabling, Browsing, Downloading, Uploading, Email, Data Sharing
  • Administrative Configurations: Security Configuration, User Accounts Management
  • Basic Foundation: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and In page
  • Installation of Operating Systems: Windows XP, windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, and Ubuntu
  • Basic Electronic: resistance, Capacitor, Power Supply, and SMD components
  • Computer Hardware and Software and Laptop Troubleshooting
  • Registers and Policies

You can learn these Short Courses in Lahore and grow your career in IT field.

Mastering Computer Hardware & Software: A Comprehensive Training Guide

In this digital era computer is used in every field whether it is relevant to business, technology or gaming it is used in all over the world so every candidate can learn computer hardware and software training to enhance their skill set. Genuine Tech may provide training on computer hardware & software in which candidates can learn each topic individually by working on real-worlds project and assignments through which they can easily gain knowledge and expertise.
In this training about computer componets you get familiar with the most important computer parts or you can say computer hardware functions or parts along with the best software for computers for gamers you may know the best computer hardware for gaming and many more. Students can learn to upgrade computer ram in this method you can add another ram in your computer to boost their performance and speed to get better user experience.

Troubleshooting Common Computer Hardware Issues

Candidates can learn to troubleshoot common computer hardware issues like the computer won't turn on, computer screen freezes, CMOS is not working all you can learn to solve out these kinds of error in or issues in computer hardware by hands-on practise in our training sessions.
As a computer hardware and software engineer you are responsible for troubleshooting the common computer hardware issues in a system which may optimize the system performance and speed upon the completion of this training you can easily find out the hardware issues and solve it by your ownself you can start your own business upon the completion of this computer training on hardware and software or can join any reputed organization to earn money and become financially independent.

Choosing the Right Graphics Card For Video Editing

Computer Engineer must know the essential parts of computer hardware and software like a photographer or video editor can ask for set up a computer system for their work so you must choosing the right graphics card for video editing as in the market their is 6 best graphic cards for video editing is present you can install that one in the system according to their work and system capacity this is the important thing while setting up the systems you must judge the user requirements first.
Once you know the user requirement you can set up the system or computer you can choosing the best antivirus software for PC protection which can help the user computer to save from virus which can damage their system files and data or can cause trouble in their computer.

Introduction to Programming Languages for Beginners

In this computer training GT may provide the programming languages introduction to beginners so they can enhance their knowledge in the modern computer technology fields which may include web design and development, porgramming expert, full stack development based on web programming you can learn a lot of thing which is high in demand and you can easily earn a lot of money from them and secure your future.
As a beginner it is the great opportunity to learn the programming expert training in Lahore which may enhance your coding skills or you can start your career as a front-end developer, web designer or back-end developer website the hiring of full stack developer is increased in all over the world you can easily earn a lot of money by working from home as well.

Networking Basics for Home Computer Setups

We may provide the professional guide to our students so they can learn to set up a home network for their own uses in this training about computer software and hardware you can unlock many opportunities for you which may enhance your skills and knowledege or helpful for you in your future as well.
Learn computer hardware & software course online to enhance your skills.

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Computer Hardware & Software Training - short courses in lahore

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What do you learn about computer hardware and software? - shan college

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