• Male and Female Classes are Individual
  • Individual Classes for Every Student
  • 100% Practical Work Only
  • Final Year Project Training
  • Tasks or assignments must be completed if the student will not understand how to make tasks or assignments training will not be complete.

We are providing all type of computer short courses. Best trainings courses in Lahore Pakistan.

Web Development
What is Html?
What is CSS?
What is Bootstrap?
What is JavaScript?
What is Jquery?
WordPress Development

Advance SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Introduction of Search Engine Optimization
What is SEO?
Introduction of Search Engine?
Why SEO important for Web Pages?
What are the benefits of SEO?
On-Page SEO
What is On-Page SEO?
What is HTML Coading?
Why to Use Heading Tag or Paragraph Tag?
How to write Meta Title and Meta Description?
What are Keywords?
How to do Content and Image SEO?
Introduction of Crawling and Indexing?
How to Make sitemap.xml in Web Programming & WordPress?
What is Robots.txt?
How can we do Internal Linking?
Off-Page SEO
What is Off Page SEO?
What is Backlink?
What is Link building?
What is Do Follow and No Follow?
How to Generate Backlinks?
How to start an off-page of a different website?
How to make Business Listing?
How to do Guest Post?
How to do Profile Link?
How to make Comments Backlinks?
How to give a social signal?
How to do Social Bookmarking?
How to make forum backlinks?
How to do Article Submission?
How to do Question and Answer?
How to do video submission?
How to do Image submission?
How to do Infographics submission?
How to do Document Sharing?
Local SEO
What is Local SEO?
How to rank in Local Searches in Google?
What is Schema Markup?
Google My Business?
Local SEO Strategy?
Keyword Research
What is Keyword and why to use keyword?
What are the benefits of Keywords research?
What are the top keywords research tools?
What is Keywords Search Volume and Competition?
How to Map Keywords in Website Pages?
Keywords Stuffing
How to select keywords to rank website?
Keyword planner
Google Algorithms
Introduction of Rank Brain?
Introduction of Google Panda?
Introduction of Google Penguin?
Introduction of Google Pigeon?
Introduction of Google Hummingbird?
Google Analytics and Search Console
How to use Google Analytics?
How to use Search Console?
How to check website traffic?
How to resolve Search Console Error?
How to solve coverage issue?
How to submit sitemap in search console?
How to check pages experience in search console?
How to check and solve google penalty in search console?
How to check links in the search console?
How to indexing google search console?
How to delete index link in google search console?
Content Optimization
How to write unique Content?
How to write website related content?
How to write post related content?
How to write Services related content?
Website Audit
How to do website audit through multiple tools?
Why website audit important?
Generate a checklist of all site issues and recommended fixes
Generate a Technical Errors
SEO Problems
Design and UX
Website Content
Different between the top tool for website audit?
Graphic Designing
How to make Logo Design
How to make Broucher, flyers and banner design
How to make poster design
How to make video editing
How to make image editing
How to make stationery design
How to make social media campaign design
Fundamental of software tools such as

Adobe Photoshop
Fundamental of CorelDRAW
MS Paint
InPage (Urdu Typing)

Content Writing
How to write unique Content?
How to write website related content?
How to write post related content?
How to write Services related content?
Content Strategy for professional specialization
Strategy of Content Writing
Different type of content writing
How to type writing formats
How to get grip Rules and Role of grammar
Plagiarism and Copy Rights
Introduction of Basics of Writing
Introduction to Web Content
How many words to get top ranking?
Secret & Psychology of writing
Introduction to SEO Writing
How to write Video Based Content
How to write E-Book Content
How to write Abroad writing style
Overview of Content Creation
YouTube Monetization
How to increase YouTube views
How to increase YouTube watch time
How to increase YouTube subscribers
How to increase YouTube video volume
How to increase YouTube video revenue
How to rank YouTube video subscribers organically
How to rank YouTube video views organically
Keyword Research
How to write unique Video Tags
How to High Res. Thumbnail
How to do Comment Pinned
How to do Comment Hearted
How to do Info Card Added
How to do Chapter Added
How to do End Screen Added
How to do Captions Added

Social Media Marketing – SMM
How to do Organic Advertising
How to do Paid Advertising
Facebook Advertising
Instagram Advertising
LinkedIn Advertising
Twitter Advertising
Pinterest Advertising
Google Tools
What is Google AdWords?
Google Analytics
Google AdSense
Google Tag Manager
Google Drive
Google Search Console
Google Sheets
Google Ads
What is SEM?
What is Google AdWords?
Type of SEM?
Fundamental of Ads Making
Understanding of ads position
Ranking of Ads Formatting & Bidding
AdWords strategy
Understanding of Google Dashboard
AdWords Campaign Creation
Cost Per Click – CPC
Cost Per Impression – CPM
Bid Strategies – Bidding
Cost Per Acquisition – CPA
How to Keyword Targeting & Strategy
Enhanced Cost Per Click
Keyword performance high conversion
Display Advertising
What is display Ads PPC & CPM
Purpose and Advantage of display Ads Mapping
Target Method of Ads
Advance Targeting Method
Display Ads and Different formatting tools
Reports and optimization display campaign
Video Paid Campaign Ads
Video Paid Campaign
AdWords Video Ads
Platform of Video Ads YouTube
How to Create Video Ads
How to make creation of Call to action
How to optimizing of Video Ads
Email Marketing
Understanding of Email Marketing?
Email Marketing Tools and Techniques
What is Email Automation? How does it work?
What is Blogging?
What is the Purpose of Blogging?
How to make my own professional blog?
How to make money blogging?
Google My Business
Google Analytics
Affiliate Marketing