Which field is best after FA

What are the career options after FA in Pakistan?

Which field is best after FA?

There are many career options after FA in Pakistan. You can choose Degree programs or a Diploma Short Courses. We discuss each career option in detail.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Many students take admission in BA after FA according to their interest in Arts. Now Bachelors of Arts is a four-year program. In Pakistan there are many colleges and universities that also offer a two-year degree program. 

What is in the Bachelor of Arts?

A BA degree, short for Bachelor of Arts, is an academic credential awarded by universities. It is designed to provide a comprehensive education in fields such as the liberal arts, humanities, social sciences, languages, culture, and fine arts.

Bachelor in Mass Communications

Mass communication is the art and science of reaching and engaging with large audiences. This field encompasses the use of various channels to connect with the masses, including radio, television, and social media platforms. When you embark on a journey to earn a degree in mass communication, you'll gain insights into an array of tools and techniques for effectively communicating with broad audiences. You might choose to become a content producer, crafting messages that resonate with the masses, or explore opportunities in radio broadcasting, lending your voice to diverse platforms and captivating listeners across the airwaves. You can also do Short Courses that is also beneficial for you. Genuine Tech provides the best services of Short Courses in Lahore.

Who is qualified for BS Mass Communication in Pakistan?

Candidates should hold an Intermediate qualification, which is equivalent to 12 years of education, with a minimum of 45% marks. Those with marks falling below this threshold can still be considered for admission but will be required to successfully complete a "Zero Semester" to become eligible.

Bachelor in Fashion Designing

After FA if you have an interest related to design and create things so you can choose Fashion Designing degree program to grow yourself in the field of designing. This is a four-year degree program which is offered by many universities and colleges. At Genuine Tech, you also learn the basic as well as advance knowledge of fashion designing. Genuine Tech is the best institute for Fashion Designing such as sewing, cutting, embroidery, etc.

What is the scope of BS Fashion Designing in Pakistan?

Your career in the realm of fashion holds various exciting possibilities. You can secure a position as a textile or fashion designer within a company. Alternatively, there's the path of becoming a fashion stylist, retail manager, personal assistant, personal shopper, or retail buyer, each role allowing you to infuse your style expertise. Additionally, you can explore the world of fashion journalism, where you can skillfully meld your knowledge and flair to captivate and engage your audience.

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

For students aspiring to embark on a teaching career, a Bachelor of Education program stands as an excellent choice. This 4-year degree program equips you with the most effective techniques and strategies for delivering education across diverse classrooms. This is a long period but it is also beneficial for you but Short Courses is also important because they have short interval of time and gives the modern knowledge to the students. 

What are subjects in BS education?

A Bachelor of Science in Education encompasses a rich tapestry of subjects, including pedagogy, educational psychology, curriculum development, and classroom management. It also delves into the study of specialized content areas, enabling future educators to impart knowledge in subjects like mathematics, science, literature, and social studies. Additionally, education theory and practical teaching experiences are interwoven to create a well-rounded foundation for teaching excellence.

LLB (Bachelor of Law)

It Is a five year degree program if you want to become a lawyer and judge in future so you can take admission in this degree program.

Which LLB course is best?

The "best" LLB course can vary greatly depending on individual preferences and career goals. It's essential to consider factors like the specific area of law you want to specialize in, the reputation of the institution offering the course, the faculty, and the course curriculum. Ultimately, the best LLB course is one that aligns with your interests, offers quality education, and provides opportunities for internships and career advancement in your desired field of law.

BSc (Bachelors of General Science)

Students can take admission in BSc after completing their FA with the low marks but you cannot apply for any other medical related course like BSc engineering.

What is Bachelor of Science General?

The typical BSc program spans three years and offers flexibility for students to tailor their degree according to their preferences. An extra year of study can open the doors to acquiring a teaching certification or pursuing a more specialized Honors qualification.

BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration)

This degree is not related to arts but many students who have an interest in business can take admission
in this program after completing their FA.

Is BBA 2 years or 4 years?

The BBA program is specifically crafted as a two-year degree program for students with a prior educational background of 14 years, whether in business-related or non-business-related fields.

B.Com (Bachelors of Commerce)

After FA you can take admission in B.Com if you are interested in Commerce this is the best field for you to start your career.

What is Bachelor of Commerce in commerce?

In Vancouver, Canada, the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) program delivers a comprehensive understanding of modern business and its operational methods. This degree, accredited by ACBSP, paves the way for a prosperous career in the fields of business and management. As a graduate, you'll be well-equipped to make valuable contributions to the global economy while benefiting from the program's solid foundation in contemporary business practices.

CSS (Central Superior Services)

After FA, you first need to complete BA to apply for CSS this is one of the most trending career in Pakistan. You can take admission in CSS according to your interest.

What are the job opportunities of CSS?

A career in the Civil Services of Pakistan, often referred to as CSS (Central Superior Services), opens up a realm of diverse and influential job opportunities. CSS professionals can serve in various administrative, diplomatic, police, and customs roles, among others. Their responsibilities encompass everything from managing government affairs to maintaining law and order, both at the provincial and federal levels. With the potential to influence and shape government policies, CSS positions offer the chance to make a lasting impact on the nation's governance and development.
And now if you are not interested in the degree programs or due to any reason you cannot take admissions in degree programs, so you can go ahead and start your careers with diploma short courses. In Pakistan Genuine Tech is included in Top 10 best Colleges for Short Courses. You can choose courses according to your interest and type. We are providing you several best short courses in Lahore.

3-Month IT Diploma Course We Provide:

3 Months Diploma in Computer Hardware & Software
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AutoCAD Diploma

6-Month Computer Diploma Course We Provide:

6-Months Diploma in Web Designer & Web Development
6-Months Diploma in Advance Cyber Security
Digital Media Marketing Diploma
Office Management Diploma
Advance Course Diploma In Amazon
Advance PHP with Laravel Diploma
Full Stack Graphic Designing Diploma
These are diploma best short courses for every student who want to start career in IT field.

12-Month Diploma Course We Provide:

12 Months Diploma in Full Stack Development
12 Months Diploma in Computer IT
Diploma in Business Development
Diploma in Digital Media Marketing
Diploma in Software Technology

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Which field is best after FA - short courses in lahore

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What are the career options after FA in Pakistan?

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