Adobe Illustrator Training in Lahore - Short Course

How do I become an expert in Illustrator? Shan College

  1. Introduction to Adobe Illustrator: History, purpose, and benefits.
  2. Illustrator Workspace: Overview of the Illustrator interface, menus, and tools.
  3. Vector Graphics: Understanding vector graphics, vector shapes, and paths.
  4. Drawing Tools: Basic drawing tools like pen tool, shape tool, and text tool.
  5. Object Properties: Adjust object properties like fill, stroke, and transparency.
  6. Color Management: Understanding color models, color palettes, and color schemes.
  7. Typography: Using the text tool to add and edit text, and apply text effects.
  8. Effects and Filters: Applying effects and filters to objects and text to create special effects.
  9. Layout: Using guides, rulers, and grids to create accurate layouts.
  10. Printing and Exporting: Setting up documents for printing, exporting files to other formats, and preparing for the web.
  11. Image Tracing: Converting raster images to vector graphics using tracing tools.
  12. Advanced Techniques: Using advanced techniques like 3D modeling, perspective effects, and gradient meshes.
  13. Artboards: Creating and using multiple artboards to design different versions of a project.
  14. Symbols: Creating and using symbols to streamline the design process.
  15. Automation: Automating tasks using scripts, actions, and batch processing.
Adobe Illustrator Training in Lahore - Short Course - short courses in lahore