AutoCAD Course in Lahore

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Here is a basic module outline for an AutoCAD course:

Module 1: Introduction to AutoCAD

  • Understanding the AutoCAD interface
  • Understanding basic drawing and editing commands
  • Setting up and managing a drawing environment

Module 2: Drawing and Editing

  • Creating basic shapes and lines
  • Using drawing tools to create more complex shapes
  • Modifying objects and adding text to a drawing
  • Using layers to manage and organize drawings

Module 3: Viewing and Plotting

  • Zooming, panning, and controlling the view of a drawing
  • Creating layouts and setting up plot settings
  • Printing and exporting drawings

Module 4: Advanced Drawing Techniques

  • Using blocks and attributes
  • Creating and editing 3D models
  • Adding lighting and materials to 3D models

Module 5: Collaboration and Customization

  • Sharing and collaborating on AutoCAD drawings
  • Customizing AutoCAD settings and tools to suit your needs
  • Using AutoCAD add-ons and plugins

Module 6: Project-based Learning

  • Applying AutoCAD skills to real-world projects
  • Working on a design project from start to finish
  • Collaborating with others to complete a project

These modules cover the essential skills and techniques required to become proficient in AutoCAD. Additional modules can be added based on the specific needs and requirements of the course.


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