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Computer programming is one of the best computer skills because now a days computer is used in everywhere like in every organization and the Colleges & in universities in reference to the programming a computer is a machine which is used to store and process data a Programming expert person tells the computer what to do with the store data and give the instructions in which way the store data is processed. In order to become an expert in programming you must need to know about the programming fundamentals and the core concept of programming. In this Programming expert course we teach you about;

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • Rust
  • Web development
  • Full stack development
  • React JS
  • Web Architecture

Genuine Tech will introduce this programming course in which you become a programming expert like a professional in this computer course you learn the introduction to programming, programming fundamentals, What are programming languages and many more our aim is to provide the quality education to our youth who is interested in coding or programming and want to start their career in computer programming. A programmer can change the world by applying his expertise to create applications and the software as it says;
“Programmers seem to be changing the world”
Becoming a programming expert like a professional takes time, dedication and learning eagerness this programming course is designed on the behalf of tasks and assignments and working on real life projects in the professional environment in this programming expert course you may learn;

  • Fundamentals of programming: Basic concepts such as Variable declaring, data types, operators, loops and conditional statements.
  • Data structures and algorithms: Common data structures such as arrays, linked lists, stacks and queues as well as algorithms for searching, sorting and manipulating data.
  • Object-oriented programming: 4 pillars of OOP such as Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation and Abstraction.
  • Database management: Designing and building databases, querying data, and managing database connections.
  • Web Development: Optimize web interface with the integration of ReactJS in Laravel.
  • Advanced JavaScript Concepts: Advanced JavaScript Techniques Closures, Currying, Memorization, Throttling and Debugging.

Understanding the Basics of Programming

Genuine Tech programming expert course is the best to understand the basics of programming fundamentals which may include concepts of coding like variables, basic control structures, data structures, object-oriented programming, troubleshooting and debugging and many more things you can learn logic building by the given assignments and tasks. You learn how to work on programming tools and their functionality. Here are the basic fundamental concepts of programming are;

  • Variable declaration.
  • Basic syntax.
  • Data type and structures.
  • Flow control structures (Conditionals and loops)
  • Functional programming.
  • Object-oriented programming.
  • Debugging.
  • IDEs and coding environments.

After these concepts know you need to know what is coding in a computer programming it is used to making commands and instructions for computers and is about writing the code by using programming languages by which computer understands the process what to do.

Choosing a Programming Language keep in mind these Factors

In order to choosing a programming language you must know the application type first it is web app or a mobile app & Data analysis it may help in picking up the right language for you according to the needs of the app. If you want to create a web development project than you go with the Front-End and Back-End programming languages which may include HTML and CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS with Laravel and many more. In order to choosing a programming language, you need to consider these factors;

  • Popularity: Choose languages which have bigger communities for better support and working.
  • Performance: Must need to check the performance how fast and efficient the programming language is.
  • Ecosystem: Know about the ecosystem is there enough libraries, frameworks and tools for the language.
  • Learning Curve: Check that how tough or easy it is to learn the language.
  • Scalability: Check the scope can the language handle growth and expansion in the future.

Popular Programming Languages for becoming a Programming Expert

In order to become a programming expert like a professional you need to master the front-end technologies and the back-end programming languages Which may include HTML and CSS, JavaScript and the JavaScript Framework React.js and HTML, CSS Framework Bootstrap.
On the Back-End side you may use php with laravel, python, Node & C++ etc. For web development you can use React.js as front-end and the laravel on the back-end as a programming language. Here we discuss the most popular programming languages for becoming a programming expert like;

Front-end web development Back-end web development Mobile development Desktop applications Systems programming
HTML Python JavaScript Scala Go
CSS Ruby Swift Python Rust
JavaScript PHP with Laravel Java Go  
JavaScript Framework React JS C++ Objective C    

Front-End Web Development

In this programming expert course we include the following technologies in which a candidate is working and mastering these languages in order to become a professional programmer here is the front-end development languages in which you may create the web pages of the website development;

HTML & CSS: Develop and Style Websites

You can create dynamics and static websites web pages using the HTML and CSS. In our computer programming course, you may learn about the HTML tags and functionality with the help of CSS you implement designing in your website webpages in CSS you may learn about the types of CSS and the properties through which you can add coloring, background and designing in the websites.By completing our assignments and tasks which we specially design for the HTML & CSS.

The Modern JavaScript

In the modern JavaScript you can learn about adding functionality in the websites in this programming course we may include closures, document and events along with object-oriented programming concepts, JavaScript fundamentals and Advanced working with functions in order to become a professional programming expert you must have an expertise in the modern JavaScript a professional software developer and a web developer must use the JavaScript to create interactive web pages and dynamically display content to users. It means it is not possible to become a professional programming expert without learning JavaScript the usage of modern JavaScript is in;

  • Web development.
  • Web apps.
  • Web servers.
  • Mobile applications.
  • Games development.
  • Presentations and slideshows.

ReactJS and its Features

It is the JavaScript library which is used for creating dynamic and interactive applications and for building better UI/UX design for web development and mobile development. It may increase the speed of the development process by utilizing the parts of their application on the both front-end and the back-end of the development. With the help of this framework a programmer or a full stack developer may easily create unique and dynamic interfaces like Instagram and many more. React JS have many features here is some main features are;

  • JSX (JavaScript Syntax Extension).
  • Virtual DOM.
  • One-way data binding.
  • Performance.
  • Extensions.
  • Conditional Statements.
  • Components.
  • Simplicity.

Back-End Web Development

Back-End development means you are dealing with website development or in application development and working on server-side software create logics work with databases and APIs, application programming interface, architecture and servers. A back-end expert programmer may check the programs by debugging or testing the codes each and every aspect in the creation of the software or an application once each and everything is executed perfectly than this application or software further go for other processes. In order to become a programming expert, you may have a solid grip on these programming languages;

Python and Django Framework

Python is a popular programming language for back-end programming and it is on a server to create web applications and software, task automation, data analysis and data visualization and the main thing about python is that a person with no programming background for their tasks like the accountants and the scientist in order to organizing finance and many other things. Python is applied in data science, data analysis, machine learning, data engineering, web development and many other fields.
On the other hand Django is a high-level Python web framework in which a programming expert programmer enables rapid development of secure and maintainable websites. It is an open-source framework for back-end web applications which may provide simplicity, flexibility, reliability and scalability in web development.

PHP with Laravel

PHP is a popular general purpose scripting language that is used in the web development in order to create dynamic and static web pages website and PHP is the fast, flexible and pragmatic it may increase the power of your website and provide smooth experience in order to become a programming expert you can use this backend language for creation of websites and we know that Laravel is a PHP web application framework which may shorten the code with expressive, elegant syntax it may help you in creating web app and websites easily so you use php with laravel in order to create websites and add functionality in it. A programming expert can use this back-end language for the web development and the application development. Here are some features of laravel;

  • Engine for Blade Templates.
  • Effective ORM.
  • MVC architecture in Laravel.
  • Widespread community and open source.
  • Libraries are object-oriented.

C++ Programming Language

It is a middle-level programming language which you can as back-end development and it is easy for the beginners to learn and handle. C++ programming language is used in the software development, Game development, operating systems and many more. It is the general purpose, case-sensitive, free-form programming language in order to become a programming expert you may learn this programming language as a beginner and then go with other high-level languages. Features of C++ may include;
Supports OOP concepts like abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation.

  • C++ has a robust standard library.
  • It has quick and efficient compiling mechanism.
  • It is simple, portable, highly scalable and have large community support.

Best Frontend and Backend Framework Combos

As a professional programming expert you must know about the combinations of front-end and back-end framework in this programming expert course we teach you about the combinations which is perfectly used for the development whether it is in web development or an application development you can learn these programming skills in order to become a good programming expert. As you know in the Front-end development there is framework like React JS, Vue, Express and many more all of these can combine with the specific programming languages which is used in the back-end of an application so, the best combinations of front-end and back-end frameworks are;

React JS with Laravel

In order to become a programming expert you must know how to work with front-end technologies framework, combine and utilize them with back-end development one of the best front-end development frame is React JS which we can combine with the Back-end development Framework Laravel both is used in the web development and many more. As we know Laravel give the complete set of tools to the developers for creating dynamics and static websites while react can be used to create reusable interface components, making it simple as necessary.
Now in this computer course we discuss the advantages of React JS with Laravel Pairing;

  • Scalability and Effectiveness.
  • Everlasting integration.
  • Performance.

React Native & Django

React Native is an open-source JS based framework which is designed to create cross-platform mobile apps. A React Native Developer may code one time and use this in IOS and Android operating systems so, the benefit there is no need to code separately for IOS and Android operating systems While the Django an open Python base framework for back-end development it may have such feature which is used for idealizing the large-scale applications in to the mid-sized. By combining React Native & Django create an effective development process which is secure and speedy we include this module in our programming expert course so the candidate can gain experience in the development of applications by combining programming technologies in order to become expert in programming.

Tips to become a Professional Programming Expert

Genuine tech is providing the best programming expert course for the candidate who want to start their career in programming and want to become a programming expert this computer course is designed for such students specially in which we provide training in several programming languages using the tasks and assignments and after the completion of this programming course you may ab able to start coding in the front-end technologies or in the back-end technologies and start your career as a frontend developer, backend developer or a full stack developer which is highly demanded now a days.
Here we are sharing few tips to become a professional programming expert at GT;

  • Learn the fundamentals: Start with the basics of programming such as algorithms, data structures and object-oriented programming. This will provide you the strong foundation to build upon.
  • Practice regularly: The more you practise the better you’ll get. You need to work on programming projects regularly and challenge yourself with new and more difficult tasks.
  • Seek out feedback: You can get feedback from others which can help you to identify areas where you need to improve, joining online programming communities which can be helpful in this regard.
  • Stay up-to-date with new technologies: In order to become a professional programming expert it is important to stay up to date with new technologies and techniques as we know field of programming is evolving so, to stay up to date will help you to be competitive in the job market.
  • Keep Learning: Never stop learning! In the world of programming there is always something new to learn and discover you may attend workshops, read articles and books and take programming courses to keep expanding your knowledge for self-betterment.

Who is an expert programmer?

A programmer is said to be an expert programmer when he have more working experience on front-end and back-end technologies and have more knowledge schemas, strategies and rules for solving programming problems.

What is the most popular coding?

There is many popular programming languages in the world but JavaScript is the most common or popular coding language because it is utilize by many web browsers and easy to learn.

Why is Python so popular?

It is a popular language for web development as well as for software development you can create complex, multi-protocol applications while maintaining speed and syntax.
You can become a programming expert by regular practise on different coding tasks and projects.

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