The Biggest Coding Myths and the Truth

What is the biggest challenge in coding? - Shan Trainings

The truth behind the biggest myths about coding is for the person who is good in mathematics and young in age computer programming is one of the highly paid job or career to start you must have a relevant computer science field or degree along with coding skills if you are a programmer you must be good in server-side logic building, database development and many more. Genuine Tech is the best Computer College for full stack development courses here every student can learn individually each and every thing and become a coding expert now about the best coding myths as we discuss coding is only for person like;

  • Coding is only for mathematically inclined
  • Coding is only for young people
  • A Programmer need a degree in computer science
  • All coding jobs require programming skills
  • Programmers are paid a lot of money
  • Only Men can become programmers
  • Perfect programming takes months
  • Learning Programming languages

Genuine Tech is one of the top Computer Training Institute for learning best programming courses like software development course, app development course and web development course a candidate can choose any computer coding course according to their interest and profession you can learn each course individually and become professional in coding learn how to make a website etc. All of these you can learn under the supervision of expert Full stack developer Shan and Umair join us online or physically to start career in this highly paid profession.


In conclusion to learn code you must enroll in programming courses or go to a University for computer science degree but in reality some of the best developers not went to College if you are facing difficulty to join physically in programming languages training you can join online coding courses and become an expert or successful in coding skills and profession.
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The Biggest Coding Myths and the Truth - short courses in lahore

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What is the biggest challenge in coding? - Shan Trainings

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