Computerized Accounting Course Lahore

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Module 1: Introduction to Computerized Accounting

  • Understanding the basics of accounting
  • Introduction to computerized accounting software
  • Advantages of computerized accounting over manual accounting

Module 2: Setting Up Computerized Accounting Systems

  • Setting up a new company profile in accounting software
  • Chart of accounts and account classification
  • Creating and managing customer and vendor profiles
  • Creating and managing inventory profiles

Module 3: Recording Transactions

  • Entering transactions into the accounting software (sales, purchases, expenses, etc.)
  • Reviewing and editing transactions
  • Understanding double-entry accounting

Module 4: Financial Statements and Reports

  • Generating financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows)
  • Customizing financial reports
  • Analyzing financial data and trends

Module 5: Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Creating and managing budgets in the accounting software
  • Forecasting future revenues and expenses
  • Analyzing variances between actual and budgeted amounts

Module 6: Payroll and Taxation

  • Setting up and managing payroll in the accounting software
  • Recording payroll transactions (salary, taxes, benefits, etc.)
  • Generating payroll reports and tax forms

Module 7: Advanced Features and Integration

  • Customizing the accounting software for specific business needs
  • Integrating with other software systems (CRM, inventory management, etc.)
  • Advanced reporting and analysis features

Module 8: Security and Backup

  • Understanding data security and backup procedures
  • Creating and managing user accounts and permissions
  • Backing up accounting data and restoring backups

By the end of this course, students should have a solid understanding of computerized accounting systems, including how to set them up, record transactions, generate financial statements and reports, manage payroll and taxes, and use advanced features and integration. They should also understand the importance of data security and backup procedures and be able to apply best practices to protect accounting data.


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