Ruby on Rails Course in Lahore - college

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Module 1: Introduction to Ruby on Rails

  • Understanding the basics of Ruby programming language
  • Understanding the basic principles of the Rails framework
  • Setting up the development environment

Module 2: Ruby Programming Language

  • Understanding the basics of Ruby programming language
  • Identifying different data types, operators, control structures, and methods
  • Creating classes and objects

Module 3: Rails Framework Basics

  • Understanding the basics of the Rails framework
  • Creating a new Rails application
  • Understanding the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture

Module 4: Models and Databases

  • Creating models and database tables
  • Understanding database migrations
  • Creating and manipulating records

Module 5: Views and Controllers

  • Creating views and templates
  • Understanding routing and controllers
  • Handling requests and responses

Module 6: Advanced Topics

  • Understanding authentication and authorization
  • Using gems and plugins
  • Debugging and testing Rails applications

Module 7: Project-based Learning

  • Applying Ruby on Rails skills to real-world projects
  • Collaborating with others to complete a project
  • Creating a Comprehensive Web Application from Beginning to End

These modules cover the essential skills and techniques required to become proficient in Ruby on Rails. Additional modules can be added based on the specific needs and requirements of the course.

Ruby on Rails Course in Lahore - college - short courses in lahore