Figma UX / UI Design Training in Lahore

Figma UX / UI Design Training in Lahore - short courses in lahore

Module 1: Introduction to UX/UI Design

  • Understanding the definition and importance of UX/UI design
  • Identifying the differences between UX and UI design
  • Understanding the user-centered design approach

Module 2: User Research and Analysis

  • Understanding the importance of user research
  • Identifying different research methods
  • Conducting user research and analysis

Module 3: Information Architecture and Content Strategy

  • Understanding the basics of information architecture (IA)
  • Creating a content strategy for a digital product
  • Designing an effective IA for a digital product

Module 4: Interaction Design and Prototyping

  • Understanding the basics of interaction design (IxD)
  • Creating wireframes and prototypes
  • Testing and evaluating the usability of prototypes

Module 5: Visual Design and Branding

  • Understanding the basics of visual design
  • Creating a visual style guide for a digital product
  • Applying branding principles to a digital product

Module 6: Responsive Design and Accessibility

  • Understanding the basics of responsive design
  • Creating a responsive design for a digital product
  • Understanding accessibility principles and designing for accessibility

Module 7: Design Thinking and Problem-Solving

  • Understanding the design thinking process
  • Identifying and solving design problems
  • Applying design thinking to real-world problems

Module 8: Project-based Learning

  • Applying UX/UI design skills to real-world projects
  • Conducting user research and analysis
  • Designing and prototyping a digital product

These modules cover the essential skills and techniques required to become proficient in UX/UI design. Additional modules can be added based on the specific needs and requirements of the course.