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In the world of technology full stack development includes the Front-End Languages which is HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap and the Back-End programming languages which is Python, Java, Node.js, MongoDB, Express, Angular and PHP or MySQL in order to develop an application. In this full stack development training, you are capable to design the structure and implement the logic of the application and start your career as a full stack developer in any organization and at shan computer training institute this course is designed for every person who is interested to start their career as a full stack developer.
In this article you can fully guide about the full stack development and the course outline as well which includes both the Front-End and the Back-End programming languages. So, if you are a beginner in IT or a non-IT field person you can join this full stack development full course and become a pro level full stack developer. In Genuine Technology Of Computer College these are the few Computer Courses skills which is included in full stack development course like;

  • Top languages for the full stack developers to learn
  • HTML/CSS is the main Front-End languages for designing
  • Bootstrap the most popular HTML, CSS and JS library
  • Launch and grow your business with Ecommerce website
  • The Back-End language of today and tomorrow Python
  • Top 12 Full Stack Developer Frameworks to Master
  • Develop both client and server software
  • The development of an end to end application using tools

What is a full stack development?

It is the highly demanded computer course which includes both the Front-End languages and the Back-End Programming of an application. The Front-End Languages is the design of the development of an application and the Back-End Languages is the functionality or you can say the programming of the application.
Along with that technologies a full stack developer should responsible for the Project management and Client coordination as well and it may also include some system working like hardware, OS, Network and Security of the system.

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Top Skills to Become a Full Stack Developer

In this computer course the some of the top skills is included in order to become a full stack developer and with these skills you can be highly demanded and grow your career in IT industry.


In order to become a full stack developer you must need to become proficient in the programming languages and the coding as well you need to maintain the code and must implement the code in the proficient and clean format. You must know how to build a logic and you must know where we can implement it.
A full stack developer can used many software for coding the best one is visual studio, sublime and many more they must know how to use these software and how to write program in it.

Design fundamentals:

A full stack developer must possess this skill because with out the knowledge of design which is using in the Front-End Languages there is no chance a developer can design the structure of the website. Thus, the full stack developer must know the basic design principles which may include both the UI/UX design and prototypes.

Problem-Solving and Communication:

As a full stack developer you must be a good thinker and have a good mindset you can create logics according to the application and develop the structure and solve the problems in the application along with that you must have a good communication skills in order to deal with the clients and for documentation purposes.

Front-End Development

In order to become a full stack developer you must need to become expert in the Front-End languages and without this you can complete your full stack development course and build a website design structure here we discuss some of the important Front-End languages.

HTML Front-End Language for Creating Web Page:

In the Front-End languages HTML (hypertext markup language) is of the main module in order to become the full stack developer you must need to learn the HTML because this is implementing in the design of an application or in order to create a website design HTML is mainly used in it. It means it is used in both application and web development purposes. In HTML You need to learn

  • Fundamentals of HTML
  • Tags of HTML
  • How to create hyperlinks
  • Table and nested Table
  • Embed Videos
  • Forms and input field insert it on web page
  • Working with dropdown in HTML
  • Inserting check box, radio buttons

CSS Front-End Language for Styling Web Page:

  • Introduction and Uses
  • Types of CSS
  • Uses of ID and Classes
  • Font size, Font weight
  • Properties like borders, backgrounds
  • How to Float elements
  • Grid System
  • Box Shadows and Animation
  • Positions in CSS


  • Introduction and Uses
  • Variables and Objects
  • Working with Events
  • Working in Loops
  • Arrays format
  • Working with Functions and Prototypes
  • How to use DOM Functions

JQuery powerful JavaScript library:

  • Introduction and Uses
  • Know how to Animate things in JQuery
  • Working with Selectors
  • Callback in JQuery
  • Chaining in JQuery
  • Working with Events

Bootstrap The most popular HTML, CSS and JS Library:

In the Front-End languages Bootstrap is of the main module in order to become the full stack developer you must need to learn the Bootstrap it is the open source and used for the responsiveness and this is implementing in the design of an application or in order to create a website design bootstrap is mainly used in it for responsiveness. It means it is used in both application and web development purposes. In Bootstrap You need to learn;

  • Bootstrap Classes
  • working with Alerts messages
  • Must know Buttons, Cards
  • Bootstrap Classes
  • Dealing in Forms
  • Working in Modals
  • Grid System

Back-End Development

In this full stack development course these are the Back-End programming languages you need to expert
and become a full stack developer.

Python & Django:

It is the most useable high level programming language a full stack developer can used python in the Back-End development of an application and it is the reliable to use and supported many programming languages like functional and object oriented programming. A full stack developer can learn Python it is easy to understand and useable in many programs you need to learn in Python.

  • Syntax and Introduction
  • Comments and Variables
  • Data Types and Numbers
  • Working in Casting and Operators
  • Inheritance in Python
  • Classes/Objects
  • Loops in Python
  • Working with Python Modules

PHP with Laravel Framework:

  • PHP Forms
  • MySQL Database
  • Sessions in PHP
  • Checks in PHP
  • Controller in Laravel
  • MVC Knowledge
  • Model in Laravel
  • Artisan Commands

Node.js with Express Framework

  • Introduction and Uses
  • Node.js MySQL
  • Node.js MongoDB
  • Working with Node.js File System
  • Debugging
  • Express.js Web App Knowledge
  • Deal with Template Engine
  • Local Modules and Export Modules
  • Knowledge of Node Package Manager

How long will it take to be a full stack developer?

It is dependent on the learner mentality who is not a beginner can become a full stack developer in 3 months, 6 months and most of them who is beginner can become in 9 months or more than 1 year.

Which full stack has highest salary?

Every full stack developer who have more working experience have highest earning. The full stack developer salary in depended on their working experience the more experience they have the more money they earn.

Advantages of Full Stack Development

There is many advantages of full stack development in business sites and in programming, developing applications. So, the programmers upgrade their skills and need to work hard to meet the future requirement. Most of the Clients and the Organizations both concern full stack developer for their website project execution.

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Versatile Skill Set:

Full stack developers have the unique skill set because they are working in both Front-End and the Back-End languages for Programming and developing an application. It is the highly demanded skill in the world of technology.

Efficient Problem Solving:

A full stack developer can identify the problems or troubleshoot it by their problem-solving techniques and maintain the application usage and this is beneficial for full stack developer to built more logics for the errors.

Cost Effectiveness for Small Projects:

In the business start up a full stack developer hiring can be more cost effective rather than choosing a Front-End developer or a Back-End Developer separately and a full developer hiring does not require a full team so you can save a lot of money.

Adaptability to Emerging Technologies:

Now a days full stack developer know the industry trends and their knowledge regarding to website development or an application can enhance to use the new tools and frameworks can be helpful for the future technologies development.
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