Graphic Design Course Outline - Shan College

Graphic Design Course Outline - Shan College - short courses in lahore

A Graphic Design course typically covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Graphic Design:
  • Overview of graphic design and its applications
  • Understanding design principles and elements
  • Designing for different mediums
  1. Adobe Photoshop:
  • Overview of Photoshop and its tools
  • Editing and retouching images
  • Creating graphics and designs
  • Working with layers and masks
  • Saving and exporting files
  1. Adobe Illustrator:
  • Overview of Illustrator and its tools
  • Creating and editing vector graphics
  • Designing logos and icons
  • Working with typography
  • Saving and exporting files
  1. Adobe InDesign:
  • Overview of InDesign and its tools
  • Creating layouts for print and digital media
  • Designing books, magazines, and brochures
  • Working with typography and graphics
  • Saving and exporting files
  1. Branding and Identity Design:
  • Understanding branding and its importance
  • Creating brand identity guidelines
  • Designing logos, business cards, and letterheads
  • Developing brand messaging and voice
  1. Web Design:
  • Overview of web design and its principles
  • Designing user interfaces and user experience
  • Understanding HTML and CSS
  • Working with responsive design
  • Creating and optimizing images for the web
  1. Design Theory and Critique:
  • Understanding design theory and its applications
  • Critiquing design work and giving feedback
  • Developing a design process and workflow
  • Building a portfolio and showcasing design work

In summary, a Graphic Design course covers the basics of graphic design, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, branding and identity design, web design, and design theory and critique. Students will learn how to create and edit images, design layouts for print and digital media, develop branding and identity guidelines, design for the web, and critique design work. By the end of the course, students should be able to apply graphic design principles and techniques to produce high-quality designs for a variety of mediums.