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HTML and CSS Tags - Genuine Technology - short courses in lahore

HTML tags:

  1. <html>: Defines the beginning and end of an HTML document.
  2. <head>: Contains the metadata of the HTML document.
  3. <title>: Defines the title of the HTML document.
  4. <body>: Contains the content of the HTML document that is visible on the web page.
  5. <header>: Defines a header section for a document or a section.
  6. <nav>: Defines a set of navigation links for a document or a section.
  7. <main>: Defines the main content of a document or a section.
  8. <article>: Defines an article or a section of an article in a document.
  9. <section>: Defines a section of a document.
  10. <aside>: Defines a section that is related to the main content of a document.
  11. <footer>: Defines a footer section for a document or a section.
  12. <h1> - <h6>: Defines headings of different levels.
  13. <p>: Defines a paragraph.
  14. <a>: Defines a hyperlink.
  15. <img>: Defines an image.
  16. <ul>: Defines an unordered list.
  17. <ol>: Defines an ordered list.
  18. <li>: Defines a list item.
  19. <table>: Defines a table.
  20. <tr>: Defines a table row.
  21. <td>: Defines a table cell.
  22. <form>: Defines a form for user input.
  23. <input>: Defines an input field for user input.
  24. <button>: Defines a clickable button.
  25. <div>: Defines a section of a document for styling and manipulation purposes.


  1. Selector: Selects an HTML element to apply CSS styles to.
  2. Property: Defines the property to be modified.
  3. Value: Sets the value of the property.
  4. color: Sets the color of the text.
  5. font-size: Sets the size of the font.
  6. font-family: Sets the font family of the text.
  7. background-color: Sets the background color of an element.
  8. margin: Sets the margin of an element.
  9. padding: Sets the padding of an element.
  10. border: Sets the border of an element.
  11. text-align: Sets the horizontal alignment of text.
  12. display: Sets the display property of an element.
  13. height: Sets the height of an element.
  14. width: Sets the width of an element.
  15. float: Sets the floating behavior of an element.
  16. position: Sets the positioning behavior of an element.
  17. top: Sets the top position of an element.
  18. left: Sets the left position of an element.
  19. z-index: Sets the stacking order of an element.
  20. opacity: Sets the opacity of an element.
  21. transition: Sets the transition properties of an element.
  22. box-shadow: Sets the shadow properties of an element.
  23. text-shadow: Sets the shadow properties of text.
  24. border-radius: Sets the rounded corners of an element.
  25. background-image: Sets the background image of an element.