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Learn SQL - College of Genuine Technology - short courses in lahore

Introduction to SQL: History, purpose, and benefits.

  1. SQL Syntax: The structure of SQL commands, data types, operators, and expressions.
  2. Retrieving data: SELECT statements, filtering data with WHERE, sorting data with ORDER BY and limiting results with LIMIT.
  3. Data manipulation: INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.
  4. Joining tables: Inner joins, left joins, right joins, and full outer joins.
  5. Subqueries: Writing subqueries in SQL and using them with other commands.
  6. Grouping data: GROUP BY statements, aggregate functions, and HAVING clauses.
  7. Indexing: Creating indexes to optimize performance.
  8. Constraints: Defining constraints on tables to ensure data integrity.
  9. Views: Creating and using views to simplify complex queries.
  10. Stored procedures: Creating and using stored procedures to encapsulate SQL logic.
  11. Transactions: Understanding the concepts of transactions and how to manage them in SQL.
  12. Normalization: Understanding the principles of database normalization and applying them to SQL database design.
  13. Security: Understanding database security principles and using SQL to grant and revoke permissions.