TypeScript Trainings

TypeScript Trainings - short courses in lahore

TypeScript extends JavaScript as a superset by incorporating optional static typing and introducing additional functionalities to the language. Below are several essential aspects that might be covered in a TypeScript course:

  1. TypeScript is open-source and developed by Microsoft.
  2. TypeScript code is compiled into JavaScript code that can be run in any browser or JavaScript runtime.
  3. TypeScript adds static typing to JavaScript, allowing variables, parameters, and the function returns to be declared with specific types.
  4. TypeScript supports many of the same data types as JavaScript, including numbers, strings, booleans, arrays, objects, and null/undefined.
  5. TypeScript introduces interfaces, which define the shape of an object and can be used to enforce type checking.
  6. TypeScript also supports classes, which provide a way to create objects with methods and properties.
  7. TypeScript classes can use inheritance and interfaces to define relationships between types.
  8. TypeScript modules allow code to be organized into separate files and namespaces, improving code organization and maintainability.
  9. TypeScript includes features for asynchronous programming, including async/await syntax and Promises.
  10. TypeScript also provides a type system for JavaScript APIs, allowing developers to write type-safe code for libraries and frameworks.
  11. TypeScript encompasses support for contemporary JavaScript features, such as arrow functions, template literals, and destructuring, among others.
  12. TypeScript tooling includes a command-line compiler, an IDE plugin for Visual Studio Code, and support for other editors such as Sublime Text and Atom.
  13. TypeScript has a large and growing community, with many third-party libraries and frameworks available.