Strategical thinking and planning

What is strategic thinking planning? - shan college

Introduction to Strategic Thinking and Planning Marketing Course by Genuine Tech. Understand the importance of strategic thinking and planning and enhance your knowledge and skills. In this best marketing course you can understand the key steps in the strategic planning process, including mission and vision development, goal setting and action planning. Learn how to analyze the internal and external factors that impact an organization’s success, including competitors, technology and trends. In this best marketing course you can learn;

  • The Strategic Planning Process
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Developing a Strategic Vision
  • Setting Strategic Goals
  • Creating Action Plans
  • Strategic Implementation
  • Leading Strategic Change
  • Developing a Strategic Mindset
  • Scenario Planning
  • Strategic Risk Management

Genuine Tech is one of the Top Computer College in Lahore in this computer course you can learn about the introduction to strategic thinking and planning, learn to create action plans that give you the specific steps to achieve each goals. Understand how to identify and mange risks which could impact the organization strategic goal with the help of digital media marketing you can grow your business to new heights and easily earn a lot of money from internet. In this online marketing course, you can learn scenario planning and innovation understand how to cultivate a strategic mindset that focuses on the long-term goals.

Types of Strategic Thinking and Planning

You can learn about the four types of strategic thinking which may include Critical thinking, Divergent thinking, Convergent thinking and Logical thinking and become the master in strategic thinking and planning you can learn about critical thinking and how to apply it and difference between divergent and convergent thinking and last one logical thinking which is the process of clearly moving from one thought to another. In conclusion in order to become an expert in digital marketing you must learn this skill and enhance your knowledge in order to become a success marketer and business man.
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Strategical thinking and planning - short courses in lahore

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What is strategic thinking planning? - shan college

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