Microsoft Office Training in Lahore

MS Office is one of the best training course in Lahore

MS Office Training is the basic computer course in which you can work on different Microsoft applications like MS Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, in order to write documents, create slides and many more things. It is used in almost all companies and businesses for different documentation purposes like financial data record, files deocumentation and many more.
If you are a beginner and want to start your career in any organization this MS Office computer foundation course is the best technical skill which you can learn and start your career. In this MS Office Course, you can learn how to work on;

  • Fundamentals of Computer.
  • Word.
  • Excel.
  • PowerPoint.
  • Outlook.
  • OneNote.
  • OneDrive.
  • Computer Hardware.
  • Computer Software.

MS Office Training in Lahore Pakistan

As we know MS Office Course applications is used in all businesses and companies. Genuine Tech is providing MS Office Training in Lahore Pakistan. If you are a fresh candidate, you must enroll in MS Office Training or office 365 to enhance your computer skills and start your career in tech industries as a office manager and become financially strong.

We are providing MS Office Course from basic to an advance level  in which you can learn how to create documents or proposals using MS Word, MS Excel & the functions of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, create slides for presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint and the benefits of MS Office Training may involve career success and growth.

As a student or a professional you must have a purpose to do something in your life which is beneficial for your career and future and for that only education is not enough you must have a computer skills through which you can earn and start a better career this is best MS Office Course for computer through which you can learn a lot of computer skills.

And this is the skill which you need in Colleges and even in universities for creating your presentations and slides but our education sectors is not teaching us this basic computer foundation MS Office Course so a lot of students are facing difficulties in order to create documents and slides for their presentation and assignments at Colleges and Universities.

Genuine Tech is the best MS Office training institute in Lahore and we are providing certificates after the completion of MS Office Course with this computer skill course you can become an expert in technical computer skills and easily get a job of an office manager in the job market after this you can learn more computer courses for your career growth.

MS Office Applications & its Functions

MS Office Course applications is used in completing various tasks on a computer related to create or edit documents, work with data in spreadsheets and databases, in creating presentations, slides and posters you can even edit images along with text documents. Here is the application which is used in this MS Office Training and its functions;

Introduction to MS Word

It is the word processor application of MS Office Course which is used in simple and complex documents creation you can make letters, reports and edit your files and documents with the help of this you can create proposals for websites and many more. It is one of the most used programs or an application of the Office Suite.

Main Components of MS Word

Here in this MS Office Training we discuss about the main components of MS Word you can say it’s the MS Word Window Elements which may include;

  • Title bar.
  • Menu Bar.
  • Toolbars.
  • Workspace.
  • Status Bar.
  • Scroll Bars.
  • Scroll Box.
  • Task Pane.

Features of MS Word

In this MS Office Course you learn about the several features of MS word like about the Home, Insert, Design, Page Layout, References and Review you may learn how to change the font color, font size, font style, page alignments and putting bullets and many more thing in the home feature of MS Word to become an expert MS Word it is necessary to learn.

In insert feature you can learn MS Office Training about adding the images, charts, graphs, tables and shapes in your documents all of these things included in the Insert feature by using this you can create the best documents. In design feature you can select the template in which your document is designed or created you can choose the best design or a template for your documents.

Under the page layout feature in MS Office Training you can set the margins, spacing and text placement in the documents and in references feature you can create complex documents like books, table of contents and many more this is basically used for long and complex documents. Review feature is used in order to check spell which you write in your document as well as check grammar, word count and languages etc. These are the main features of MS Word which you need to master in this MS Office Course.

Uses of Microsoft Word

MS word Is used in many sectors or fields and it is the most useable application of MS Office Course given below the fields in which the MS Word is used and their work;

  • In Education: It is mostly used in the Education sectors like in Colleges and Universities in order to create notes and assignment documents it is easy to understand for the both teachers and students  for creating documents and proposals.
  • In Offices: It is used in every business and offices for creating reports and letters you can submit bills and letters easily by the use of MS Word. In web development it is used for the creation of web proposals and many more.
  • In design Resumes: It is one of the best tools in MS Office which is used in order to create and update resumes. You can easily create or edit your skill or experience resume in MS word.

What is MS Excel?

It is an application of MS Office Course in which you can learn to work, organize and calculate data in a spreadsheet using MS Excel Software their formulas and ordered. With the help of Excel, you can store, analyze and can create report on large scale data easily. It is mostly used in finance departments and in education departments in order to store balance sheets, student’s enrollment records and for budgets & many more.

Basic functions of MS Excel

Genuine Tech is providing you the best MS Office Training in which you can learn about the basic functions of MS Excel in order to enhance your computer course skill these may include;

  • The VLOOKUP Function.
  • The Concatenate Function.
  • Text to Columns.
  • Remove Duplicates.
  • Pivot Tables.

Formulas of MS Excel

In order to become an expert in MS Office Course you must know about the basic formulas in Excel and their working here in this Microsoft office management computer course we may include these formulas which you need to learn and these are helpful for you for working in an organization as a office manager post it may include;

  • SUM: The Sum() formula performs addition on selected cells.
  • MIN and MAX: It requires a range of cells, and it returns the minimum value.
  • AVERAGE: It is used to calculate the average of selected cells.
  • COUNT.
  • POWER.
  • TRIM.

Main uses of MS Excel

It is used in educations as well as in Organizations for the following purpose;

  • Collection and verification of business data.
  • Business analysis.
  • Data entry and storage.
  • Data analysis.
  • Performance reporting.
  • Strategic analysis.
  • Accounting and budgeting.
  • Administrative and managerial management.

MS PowerPoint and its uses

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most useful application of the MS Office Training which is used for the creating slides and show slide presentation it is used in all the companies and considered the best tools in MS Office Course here is the main uses of MS PowerPoint;

  • You can create presentations from scratch or a template.
  • With MS PowerPoint you can add text, images, art and videos in your document.
  • Select a professional design with PowerPoint Designer.
  • Add transitions, animations and cinematic motions.

MS Office Career Opportunities in Pakistan

After the completion of the MS Office Course you can start your job as office manager in the following organization in which you can apply in Pakistan

  • Executive Assistant
  • Patient Enrollment Specialist.
  • Receptionist.
  • HR Specialist.
  • Recruitment Administrator.
  • Admin Executive.
  • Project Manager.

Best Online MS Office Training Institute

Genuine Tech is the best Microsoft Office training institute in Lahore for computer foundation courses which may include basic to advance level courses like urdu typing computer course, graphic designing and many more. If you are looking for Online MS Office Course in Karachi or any other city of Pakistan you can join our online computer courses and start your career.
You can visit here you can get videos and text to learn MS Office.

Frequently Ask Questions on MS Office

Here we discuss the frequently questions on MS Office Training.

What is the basic MS Office function? The basic MS Office Course function is to create significant documents by using its applications like MS Word, MS Excel and many more each application has its unique ability and requirement for working.
What is MS Outlook used for? It is used for sending and receiving an email messages and you can manage your calendar, names and track your task in MS Outlook.
What is the best use of Microsoft OneNote? This MS Office Course tool is used for storing shared documents every department can use it for this purpose you can keep the records or track of client meeting notes and many more.
What is MS Access and its objectives? In MS Office Training it is designed to connect its user with MS databases at the back-end which is helped them to manage and keep data accurately.


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MS Office is one of the best training course in Lahore

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