Anatomy of a Web Crawler

What are the components of web crawler? - Shan Trainings

Anatomy of search engine crawler known as a spider or bot in this program you can automatically traverses the web and indexes web pages and other online resource first you learn web development course and create your website online and then learn SEO expert course to optimize or rank your website on Top in the search engine result page and after that you can better understand the concept or program of Anatomy of Search Engine Crawler and become an seo expert in this training course you can learn about;

  • Web development
  • SEO optimization
  • Seed URLs
  • URL Frontier
  • URL Normalization
  • Web Page Download
  • HTML Parsing
  • URL Extraction
  • Data Storage
  • Recrawl Strategy

In an online website crawling process is started from the seed URLs of your website and then it may check your webpages or indexing it may remove the unnecessary length from your URL and this is URL normalization step after that crawler may download the webpage and checking the HTML code of a website all you can learn by working on real-world projects and assignments learn all recrawl strategy and become an seo expert and rank your website on Top of search engine result pages this is one of the most important point in google seo course.


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what is web development & how does it work

Anatomy of a Web Crawler - short courses in lahore

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What are the components of web crawler? - Shan Trainings

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