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Why add keywords to website? - Shan

In Search Engine Optimization Embedding keywords on a website is an essential part basically keywords are phrases or words that potential customers use when searching for a product or service online. Using relevant keywords into website content is vital for online visibility and increasing website traffic. The following are some tips for Adding keywords for SEO in your website content.

  • Research on relevant keywords according to your product or services
  • Place your primary keywords in your website’s title tag
  • Use secondary keywords in your website’s header tags
  • Incorporate keywords into the body of the website’s content
  • Use keywords in the website’s meta descriptions
  • Use keywords into image filenames and alt tags for optimization
  • Used location-based keywords for Local SEO

Conduct through research on the most relevant and commonly used keywords according to your website product or service. Use online keyword research tools to identify popular search phrases used by potential customers. Place your primary keywords in your website’s title tag. The title tag appears at the top of the browser window and it is the clickable headline that appears on search engine result pages (SERPs) and it should be around 70 characters long and the primary keyword should be at the beginning of the title.
Learn to use keywords in your website’s header tags and use them in the body of website content, meta description, images alt tags and it is important to embedding keywords on a website should be done carefully with out keyword stuffing which may hurt your website ranking. In conclusion embedding keywords into website content is an important component of SEO which may help to increase online visibility and ranking of your website which in result drive traffic to your website and you can earn a lot of money online and learn the digital marketing course along with development and seo course and start your own business and become successful.
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Embedding Keywords on Website - short courses in lahore

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Why add keywords to website? - Shan

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