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Genuine Tech is offering the best computer courses in Pakistan as we know computer skills is important for the career development and growth of our country. According to the technology and market competition we are providing computer courses training to the youth from basic level to an advanced level which is beneficial for their career and future. In our computer courses class, you can learn computer foundation courses, best computer courses, Diploma courses & IT courses like web development and many more. Here are the best computer courses that we are offering is Pakistan;

  • Computer Operator.
  • Laptop Repairing.
  • Urdu Typing.
  • English Typing.
  • MS Office.
  • Web development.
  • WordPress development.
  • Graphic designing.
  • SEO Courses.
  • Digital media marketing.
  • Social media marketing.
  • PHP with Laravel.
  • Become a programming expert.
  • Google AdSense
  • Diploma Courses.
  • IT Courses.

Computer Foundation Courses in Pakistan

In this time period along with Education computer skills is important for every one and if you are beginner or a matric student or in intermediate you must join the computer foundation courses in Pakistan for your skills enhancement and career development it is important for you to enter in the world of technology like in every organization you need these skills to compete with other candidates. Genuine Tech is offering the best computer foundation courses in Pakistan in which you can join us physically and online as well for training. Our aim is to provide quality computer skills to the youth of Pakistan for their career development and enhancement in computer skill sets. Our computer foundation courses may include;

  • Urdu typing.
  • English typing.
  • Math typing.
  • Data Entry.
  • Data Scraping.
  • Data Mining.
  • MS Office.
  • AutoCAD.
  • Computer Operator.

Best Computer Courses for Career Development in Pakistan

Now a days everybody knows the importance of computer courses along with the Education in order to compete in job market a person must have a computer skillset otherwise the candidate is not selected in simple we can say that computer courses are very important for the career without them you cannot start your career in any field. With the help of these courses, you can earn money online without any investment according to the google trends there is some Ecommerce platform through which you can earn a high money and change your lifestyle this may include Amazon and Dropshipping and many more. Here are the best computer courses for career development in Pakistan in which you may enroll;

Web Development Course to become a Full Stack Web Developer

It is one of the most highly demanded computer courses for the creation of websites as we know that know a day’s blogging trend is on its peak and you can create blogging websites and then approve it with google ads for your online earning or you can create job websites and many more. Genuine Tech is offering this best web development courses in Pakistan in which you can learn how to create websites by using Front-End and Back-End technologies by working on real-world projects and this skill is important for the career development of the Youth of Pakistan.
After the completion of this web development course you are able to create dynamic and static websites by using different programming languages. Here are the following Web Developer Skills which you may learn in this web development course;

  • HTML & CSS.
  • JavaScript.
  • Git.
  • Backend Tech.
  • JS Libraries and Frameworks.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Skills.
  • Testing and Debugging.
  • Responsive Web Designing Skills.

Once you complete this web development course you can join our next computer course in order to become a full stack web developer in which you can learn further advance level programming languages and their framework and then start your career in any organization and you have multiple opportunities as a full stack web developer hiring is increased in all over the world.

Graphic Designing Course to become a Full Stack Graphic Designer

This is one of the best course for the candidates who is interested in art and design field and have idealistic & creative mindsets. As an expert graphic designer, you can work with web developers as well in the creation of websites like you can design graphics, logos and banners along with images for the websites and many more. In this graphic designing course, you can advertise your brand by creating affective posters, images and many more things and target the audience and grow your business to high level. In this graphics and design course we teach you about the basic design principles and types of design along with color scheme and many more things in this training to be a graphic designer we include these steps;

  • Introduction to design and basic design principles.
  • Types of graphic design.
  • Guide about key graphic design tools.
  • Work on real-world projects to develop graphic design skills.
  • Develop a portfolio to showcase your graphic design work.

After the completion of graphic designing course we are providing you the certificate which is beneficial for your career in future. We also provide the guide step about freelancing and you can start your own career as a full stack graphic designer. If you are a beginner, you can learn graphic design course in 3 months and start your career and in order to become a professional in this field you can join our 6 months computer course for becoming a full stack graphic designer.

Digital Media Marketing Courses

It is one of the best computer courses in which you can learn multiple things for digital media marketing it may include advertisement, website development, google seo, content writing and many more. It is highly effective course for business growth in which you learn modern marketing, media communications and business fundamentals. We are providing you about multiple channel approach and this is the 4 main of digital marketing which may include Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) this is the 4 types of digital marketing in which you need to become expert and start your career. You need to follow these steps to become a digital media marketer;

  • Assess Your Current Skill Set.
  • Gain a Foundational Understanding of Digital Marketing.
  • Obtain an Education.
  • Get Real-World Practice.
  • Build a Professional Network.
  • Apply to jobs.

SEO Training Course in Pakistan

In this SEO training course in Pakistan we are providing you training to increase your website’s visibility on search engine which may include Google and many more. You must be familiar with google trends and types of SEO. In this google seo courses we tech you about the keyword research and how to write the best content for websites along seo tools guideline and teach you about back linking with this seo training course you can become a seo expert in Pakistan and start your own business and earn money online. You can learn this seo training course in Lahore, Pakistan which takes three months for clearing the basic steps and if you want to become an expert than it takes up to one year to master seo course.

Best Diploma Courses in Pakistan

Genuine Tech is offering the best diploma courses in Pakistan for the candidates who is not continued their Education after Matric or an Intermediate due to any reasons and issues for those we provide an opportunity to learn computer skills and earn money. Diploma courses is very beneficial for you in which you can enroll and learn a lot of things and enhance your skills you can get diploma courses training under the professional environment we are providing many diploma courses in Pakistan in which you may enroll according to your interest and mindset. Here is the list of our best diploma courses in Pakistan;

  • Information Technology Best IT Diploma.
  • Laptop Repairing diploma.
  • Computer Hardware & Software.
  • Photoshop training.
  • CorelDRAW.
  • Business Development.
  • AutoCAD Course.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Amazon.
  • Dropshipping.

IT Courses in Pakistan

In this world now everything is technology based as we can see that computer become the necessary and an important part of our life so it is important to learn skill of information technology in computer field which may include several IT courses to understand this Genuine Tech provides computer IT courses in Pakistan which may increase the student abilities and skills regarding to their professions. Here is our following IT Courses in Pakistan;

  • Web development.
  • WordPress.
  • SEO.
  • Web designing.
  • SMM.
  • Google AdWords.
  • MS Office.
  • Google AdSense.
  • Internet explorer.
  • Windows application.

What are the 3 months computer course?

These computer courses are designed for the beginners to start career in their profession which may include;

  • Advance Excel Training.
  • Data Entry Operator.
  • Microsoft Office.
  • C++ Programming.
  • Web development.

What computer course has highest demand?

Here is the following types of computer courses which is in demand right now in Pakistan and all over the world;

  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Web Development.
  • Programming.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Data Analytics.
  • Software Engineering.

Which skill is best for freelancing?

You can become a freelancer and earn a lot of income if you have computer skills which may include; Content writing, Social media management, Digital marketing, project management and some skills like Data entry, Admin skills, Graphic designing these the best skills for freelancing through which you can earn a lot of income without any investment.

Why Genuine Tech?

Genuine Tech is the best computer courses & IT institute in Pakistan in which you can get computer course training from basic to advance level and become an expert in your profession. Here we provide you the best professional trainer and environment in which you can learn your computer course comfortably and our aim is to provide the best quality skills to the youth of our country by their practicing on real-world projects you can also enroll in our online computer courses in other cities of Pakistan like computer course in Multan, Faisalabad, Azad Kashmir etc. Which may include course like web development courses online, online graphic designing courses and many more.
Here you can avail the opportunity to learn computer training online and physical courses and grow your skills.

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