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Discover the perfect computer courses in Paragon for beginners and unlock your potential in the world of technology.

Genuine Tech is offering their best computer courses training in Paragon in which every candidate may enroll and enhance their computer skills and get an opportunity to start their career in the IT field as we know Technology is revolutionized a lot with the passage of time so it is important to learn computer courses for your career development. Genuine Tech is offering various computer courses from basic to an advance level in paragon for skills and career development of our youth and here is our computer courses list;

  • Web designing
  • Software programming
  • Information Technology
  • Cyber Security
  • Graphic designing
  • Information Security
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Google SEO Courses
  • Foundation Courses
  • AutoCAD Courses

Best Computer Courses List for Beginner in Paragon

For beginners who want to start their career in Technology and Computer Science field they can enroll in our best computer courses list designed for beginner in Paragon in which you can get training about the basic computer courses and can easily get a job in the relevant field. In this training you can learn about the office management tools and applications along with that you can learn how to type in Urdu in our urdu typing course.
This is basically the computer foundation courses in paragon which may include the world best short courses like if you are interested in programming courses you can learn our Basic C program programming fundamentals course and if your are interested in art and design field you can learn our graphic designing course and start earn by freelancing on upwork as well. These computer courses in paragon my provide physical and online training and Genuine Tech is the best online IT Institute in Paragon Pakistan in where you can learn computer courses by working on real life project. Here is the basic computer courses for beginners;

  • The Beginners Guide to Website Development
  • Best MS Office Course and Certificate
  • Learn to Type Urdu Complete Course
  • What is Graphic Design Course for Beginner
  • SEO Training Certification Course
  • Online Digital Marketing Courses

You can learn these computer courses from basic level and after the completion of your computer course training you can start your job in any organization and then further learn these best computer courses at advance level and become an expert in your profession.

Full Stack Web Development Computer Course Training

Genuine Technology of Computer College believes that Information Technology Industry can play a key role in resolving the current economic challenges that Pakistan is facing. For achieving this, Genuine Technology of Computer college is on a mission to equip the youth with computer skills. Genuine Tech is one of the best short courses institutes in lahore which offers a wide range of computer short courses. One of the best short courses that Genuine Technology of Computer College is offering is full stack web development.
Candidates can learn full stack development, Full stack web development involves the development, maintaining and updating websites on a server. In this field of Information Technology, one deals with the front-end and back-end of the website. Frontend refers to the part of a website which can be viewed by the user like elements of a webpage which include buttons, input options etc. On the other hand, back-end development deals with all the functionalities of a website that happen on the server. In back-end development, one has to handle all the server functionalities. The main web development skills that one need to be good at are listed as follows.

  • HTML – used for creating web page
  • CSS - for designing web page
  • JavaScript - for enhancing interactivity of web page
  • Bootstrap - A web development framework
  • React.js – Framework of JavaScript
  • Angular.js – A popular Framework
  • PHP – Back-end programming language
  • Laravel – A programming language used for back-end
  • SQL – Used to manage databases

Best Digital Marketing Course & Certificate

In paragon you can learn digital marketing or improve your brand advertising skills this is the best online computer course through which you can advertise your brand and product and grow your business to the new heights for beginners you can learn this best digital marketing courses and get a certificate after the completion and start your career.
In this complete digital marketing course you can learn the marketing principles and the techniques through which you can target the specific audience through social Media, Email Marketing and many more it may also cover the google seo trends and in order to become a digital marketer you can assess your current skill set, Gain a foundational understanding of digital marketing, Get real-world practise and at the end apply for the job and start earn from internet as well without any investment.

Become a Professional Graphic Designer Course in Paragon

This is the best graphics and design course in Paragon for everyone who have an interest in art and creativity and have an idealistic mind you can learn how to create logo design for websites and you can design your own portfolio and start working as a graphic design freelancer and earn a lot of money and either join an organization.
In this graphic designing course you can learn the basic design fundamentals and principles you can working on color scheme and many more get familiar with the software used for graphic design. Genuine Tech is the best IT institute for graphic designing and full stack web development in Paragon Pakistan. Along with this computer course we provide you training about the video editing and freelancing so you can start your own business video editing is one the best computer skill through which you can earn a lot of money online without any investment. In this graphic designing course, you can learn;

  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  • Introduction to Typography
  • Creative Ideas from History of Graphic Design
  • Introduction to Image making
  • How Design Makes Us Think
  • Advanced Principles for graphic designing

Which computer course has highest salary?

Here is the list of the best computer course paying the high salary in computer science jobs;

  • Front-end developer
  • Java developer
  • Software engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Network security engineer
  • Mobile developer
  • DevOps engineer
  • Software architect

Today join Paragon computer training program to develop computer skills and become expert in your passion or profession.

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Short Courses in Paragon - Computer Courses - short courses in lahore

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Discover the perfect computer courses in Paragon for beginners and unlock your potential in the world of technology.

Genuine Technology providing best web development trainings Lahore Pakistan. Offering HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, Laravel Frameworks, React JS, Python and C++ Programming Fundamental Courses trainings Lahore.