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Computer skills is the best future investment for your career development a person with the most computer course skills have more opportunity for the career or an employment in the modern industries. Now a days in order to become successful in life our youth must have technical skills like web development, graphic designing, digital marketing, seo courses, social media marketing and basic computer course. Genuine Tech is offering online computer courses Multan which may include the best technical skills learning program and career development for the youth of Pakistan.
In this computer training program, you can learn from basic to advanced computer courses which is best for the career development and for future scope and working. Genuine Tech is offering the best computer courses in Multan;

  • Web designing.
  • Graphic designing.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Computer foundation.
  • MS Office.
  • Video editing.
  • AutoCad.

Best MS Office Course in Multan

Genuine Tech is offering the best MS Office course in Multan in which you can learn to work with office management software tools and applications in order to create, edit and store documents in any organization here is the our most popular MS office courses;

  • Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Microsoft.
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel: Coursera Project Network.
  • Work Smarter with Microsoft Excel: Microsoft.

These are our best computer foundation course in which you can enroll and learn about the MS Office skills. In detail MS Office is a set of tools which is designed to solve the common task on a computer in any organization. You can create and edit documents in it. Insert images and text in the documents, store data in the spreadsheets and databases, create presentations and poster using the office applications like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

What is the duration of MS Office Course?

In Genuine Tech you can get MS Office training in 3 months for basic level and 6 months to 12 months for becoming an expert and start your career as an office manager.
Five features of MS Office
MS Office is one of the best computer foundation courses in which you can get training to work on the MS office applications which may include MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and many more. All of these programs have some common features like;

  • Ribbon bar.
  • Command tabs.
  • Smart tags.
  • Screen tips.
  • Help.

Web Designing Course

You can learn the full stack web development course in Multan online in which you can learn how to create dynamic and static websites and familiar with the front-end and back-end technologies by working on the real life project in this web development training course you can learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript in order to create the webpages and for styling them. On the back-end programming languages you can learn high level languages like Python, Node, php with laravel and many more.
After the completion of this development course you can become a professional full stack web developer and now a days full stack developer hiring is increased in every country with this technical skill you can work as remote as well as on site. You can even start freelancing by creating upwork profile and earn a lot of money without any investment this computer course is the highly demanded google trend course in which you can learn;

  • Introduction to web design principles.
  • HTML basics and structure.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 advanced techniques.
  • CSS for web styling.
  • Responsive web design techniques.
  • Web design frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation.
  • Web design trends and best practices.
  • Content Management Systems.
  • Web hosting and server management.

Career opportunities in Web Development in Multan

After the completion of web development training you have great opportunities for starting your career as a full stack web developer in Multan and you can work on site as well as remotely with any reputed organization this computer field is highly demanded and have great scope in all over the world you can become a full stack web developer and start working in the development field.

Graphic designing Course

It is one of the most demanded and interesting computer skill if you are interesting in art and creativity you can start career in this field graphics and design course in Multan in which we can teach you about the designs principle, coloring scheme, and the graphics alignments and many more thing with this course training you can become a full stack graphic designer and have great opportunities for working on site as well as remotely. In this graphic designing course, you can learn;

  • Fundamentals of graphic design.
  • Typography and typefaces.
  • Color theory and usage in design.
  • Layout and composition in design.
  • Logo design and branding.
  • Designing for print media brochures, posters.
  • Graphic design software Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva.

Digital Media Marketing

It is one of the best computer courses in which you can advertise your brand and product using different platforms like social media and web bases & many more. Digital marketing is also called online marketing is beneficial for the business growth and development online. In Genuine Tech you have the opportunity to learn this computer course online as well as physical by practicing on the real-life project in this digital media marketing you can learn;

  • Overview of digital marketing.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.
  • Email marketing campaigns.
  • Social media marketing and advertising.
  • Creating a digital marketing plan.

SEO Course

Genuine Tech is offering google seo courses in Multan which is useful in ranking your websites content and make it visible to the search engines like Google and many more. It is technical computer course in which you may cover the most topics like keyword research and analysis, link building, types of SEO. Here is main topics which we may cover in this SEO course;

  • Introduction to search engine optimization.
  • Keyword research and analysis.
  • On-page optimization techniques.
  • Off-page optimization techniques.
  • Technical SEO (site structure, crawlability, etc.)
  • Local SEO strategies.
  • Measuring and reporting on SEO.

Video Editing Course

In this video editing course you can learn about the basic editing factors and steps which may include;

  • Introduction to video editing.
  • Video formats and resolutions.
  • Editing Techniques (cuts, transitions, color grading.)
  • Audio editing and mixing.
  • Adding special effects and text overlays.
  • Exporting and publishing edited videos.

AutoCAD Course

This is one of the best computer course for the designing and structure implementation of house maps and many other things we may include in this AutoCAD Course the following things;

  • Introduction to AutoCAD.
  • Drawing and editing tools in AutoCAD.
  • Working with layouts and plotting in AutoCAD.
  • Creating 2D and 3D models.
  • Creating and managing blocks in AutoCAD.

Advantages of MS Office

There is many advantages of MS Office whether you are a student or you are a professional it is used in every company or education sector like in Universities and Colleges. Here are the advantages of MS offices for students and for professionals;

  • Creating Professional looking documents.
  • Organizing and Analyzing Data in Excel.
  • Creating Engaging Presentations.
  • Collaborating with Classmates and Teachers.
  • Leave an amazing impact on your Audience with PowerPoint.
  • Managing Email & Scheduling with Outlook.

What skills should I put on my CV?

These are the top skills to list in your resume;

  • Problem-Solving Skills.
  • Critical Thinking Skills.
  • Flexibility.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Teamwork.
  • Organization Skills.
  • Creativity.
  • MS Office.

Explore the Multan cmputer training program to enhance your skills and knowledge in technical field.

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Short Courses in Multan - short courses in lahore

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What is short course training? - shan

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