What are different programming languages used for?

What are the 4 common used programming languages? Shan

Programming languages you can used for front-end development, back-end development of software applications, mobile app applications and web applications. In this programming course you can learn programming from basic to high level with their uses to become a coding expert by working on real-world projects and assignment under the expertise of full stack developers trainer you can enhance your knowledge and skills or earn a lot of money in this programming field. Here are some top programming languages and their uses;
Python: It is a general-purpose language used for creating reliable web applications and can be use for data analysis, machine learning and automation you can learn python with Django and become python programmer which is high in demand now a days.
JavaScript: One of the best coding language for front-end and back-end development is the modern JavaScript in which can create attractive and dynamic web pages for your website and use for creating mobile apps and building server-side applications.
C and C++: The programming fundamental language C++ and C can be used for creating operating systems, software and games you can also create device drivers.
PHP: The best server-side scripting language used for creating software and web development project or applications for building dynamic websites.
Ruby: Is a programming language for building web applications using the Ruby on Rails web framework.
SQL: Structured Query Language can be used for managing and executing queries for databases.
Coding or programming is the most high in demand computer skills now because technology is increased every day every businessman want to create and grow their business online so the full stack developer hiring is increased in all over the world you can easily a high amount of money with this coding skill and secure your future.
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What are different programming languages used for? - short courses in lahore

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What are the 4 common used programming languages? Shan

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