Difference Between Marketing and Selling

What is the main difference between marketing and selling? - Shan

Marketing and Selling are two concepts which you can learn in Digital Media Marketing Course basically marketing is the way or method through which you can engage customers toward your services, product etc. On the other hand, selling is the transformation of good into money like you can exchange the product or your service for money. In digital media marketing you can learn both concepts first how to engage customers toward your brand, services and product with the help of social media platforms and learn to sell it online and physically and we may cover each and every topic like;

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Marketing Planning and distribution
  • Strategies and techniques in marketing
  • Google trends and tips
  • Different between marketing and selling
  • Learn to engage customers through Facebook
  • Google Analytics
  • Promote Online Business

Marketing and Selling both play important roles in the success of any business as marketing is essential for the promotion or building of a brand which is result in establishing a strong reputation of a business it may include the factors like marketing research, product development, pricing and distribution. On the other hand, selling is important for generating revenue of the brand and establishing a strong reputation and customer relations in this online digital marketing you can learn the marketing techniques and selling tips and learn how to develop business online and grow it by working on real-world projects and assignments.


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Difference Between Marketing and Selling - short courses in lahore

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What is the main difference between marketing and selling? - Shan

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