Daraz is the largest online marketplace in Pakistan

Which is the largest online marketplace in Pakistan? - shan trainings

Become a Top Seller on Daraz. Daraz is the largest online marketplace in Pakistan and becoming its top seller give you the opportunity to gain profit from online business of all sizes. Genuine Tech is offering a course on how to Become a Top Seller on Daraz which can help businesses improve their sales, increase their brand awareness and expand their customer base. This best computer course for boys in Pakistan covers a range of topic related to selling on Daraz, including an introduction to the platform, product listing and optimization, price strategies and many more you can become an expert seller and learn;

  • Introduction to the platform
  • How to create seller account
  • Product listing
  • Optimization techniques
  • Price strategies
  • Order management
  • Customer service

Genuine Tech is one of the Top Computer College in Lahore, Pakistan which is providing the best computer courses for female and this course starts with an overview of Daraz and how it works. Students will earn about the different types of products that can sold on Daraz learn to create a seller account, fees and commissions associated with selling on the platform. Learn about product listing and optimization how to create effective product listings that attracts customers and increase sales and different listing optimization techniques such as keyword research, product description and images.

Expand Your Business by Becoming a Top Seller on Daraz

In this modern technology era everybody want to earn money online and want to have their business online for this purpose Genuine Tech is offering Daraz training course in which you expand your business by becoming a Top Seller on Daraz and earn money online with internet at home this E-commerce business can give you a lot of benefit you can become your own boss and become successful in your future so every candidate can join this computer course and secure their future for greater opportunities in online businesses.
You can visit daraz.pk to explore items online and do shopping from your home.

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Daraz is the largest online marketplace in Pakistan - short courses in lahore

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Which is the largest online marketplace in Pakistan? - shan trainings

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