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In this modern world Education and Computer Course Skills are very important for the youth career development and for the development of the country. In our country Pakistan computer courses and Education is necessary for their development and for the career of their youth we have most talented youth in Pakistan and we just need to polish their abilities and talent so they can provide a great role in the development of Pakistan. Here are some of Computer Courses in Lahore:

Sr. No Computer Courses List Duration
1 Computer IT 1 Year
2 Computer Hardware & Software 3 Months
3 Laptop Repairing 6 Months
4 Computer Foundation 2 Months
5 MS Office Managements 3 Months
6 Computer Operator 4 Months
7 Graphic Designing 3 Months
8 Web Development 3 Months
9 Web Designing & Development 6 Months
10 Learn WordPress Customization 2 Months
11 Full Stack Development Course 1 Year
12 Programming Fundamental 1 Year
13 Expert in Programming Language 1 Year
14 PHP with Laravel Frameword 6 Months
15 E-Commerce Development 6 Months
16 Digital Media Marketing 6 Months
17 Social Media Marketing 1 Months
18 Content Writing 1 Months
19 Business Development 1 Year

According to these aspects Mughal Pura Lahore is the best place for the computer courses in Pakistan and the Genuine Tech is the best IT courses training institute in Lahore Pakistan in which you can learn practically on the real life projects in professional environment for youth career development and training. We know the importance of Education and our aim is to give the equality education to every youth of the Pakistan as it says;
“Education is not the stuffing of a pail, but the lightning of a fire.”
We are providing various computer courses which may include programming fundamentals course, Web development and graphic designing courses and many more in which you can learn a lot of modern things that is required in the modern organization with the completion of these computer course you can start your own career as a freelancer in web development as a full stack web developer and in graphic designing as a full stack graphic designer and as an expert in programming by programming fundamentals course or you can start your job in these fields in reputed organizations after completion of these It best computer courses.

best computer courses

Discover the Best Computer Courses in Lahore Pakistan

You can discover the best computer courses in Mughalpura according to the google trends and that may highly demanded course in Pakistan and after this you can earn a lot of money online and on site as well. These best courses in Pakistan are designed specially for the youth so they can find their interest and hidden talent in relevant field and start working;

  • MS Office.
  • Programming Fundamentals.
  • Graphic Designing.
  • Website Development.
  • Computer Hardware & Network.
  • Laptop Repairing.
  • Python Programming.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Full Stack Web Development.
  • Full Stack Graphic Designing.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Data Science.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Artificial Intelligence.

These are the top computer courses in which you may enroll in and start your career and these are the highly demanded computer courses we are specially design for the candidates to explore and master the technologies which is required in modern organizations.

Basic Computer Courses in Mughalpura Lahore

Here we categorized the best computer courses in to three types like basic computer courses, Advance computer courses, and Computer diploma courses in these computer courses you have an opportunity to learn a lot of things in order to enhance your skills for your career development and to increase your potential and hidden talents these basic computer courses in Genuine Tech are;

  • Foundation MS Office Course.
  • Urdu Typing Course.
  • English Typing Training.
  • Computer Operator Course.
  • AutoCAD Computer Courses.
  • Programming Fundamentals

Foundation: MS Office Course

At Genuine Tech you can learn in this basic computer course about Microsoft Windows, MS Office Word, MS Office PowerPoint, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Computer Hardware and Computer Software you know that in the modern world every organization is following the google trends in technology and there is a lot of advantages of Computer Education as we know at every place like whether it is your College, University or a Work place have a Computer and this course is designed for that purpose every students or a candidate should know how to use a computer and how to work in an organization using the computer this foundation computer courses help you to start your career in the organization as office manager in this office management course in Lahore you may learn about;

  • Microsoft Windows Introduction and Installation
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • MS Office Word: Managing and Writing MS Word Document.
  • MS Office PowerPoint: Making PowerPoint Presentations.
  • Microsoft Office Excel: Making and Managing MS Excel Sheets.
  • Microsoft Outlook: Working and Managing Microsoft Outlook.

It is the best course for MS Office in which you can enhance your skills and knows about the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals and the 3 types of Microsoft Office you may create spreadsheets, tables, documents and many more things like shortcut keys and the duration of this Top MS Office course in Pakistan is 2 Months or at some places it take 3 Months.

Urdu Typing Computer Course

This basic computer course is designed for the candidates who is interested in comprehensive urdu typing which is used in many organizations. Students will learn to type Urdu and knows about the software tools for Urdu typing and with this Urdu typing course students will be able to type efficiently and accurately in Urdu language. Here is urdu typing computer course outline;

  • Introduction to Urdu Typing.
  • Basic Urdu Characters and Alphabet.
  • Advanced Urdu Characters and Alphabet.
  • Urdu Text Formatting and Layout.
  • Urdu Grammer and Syntax.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts and Tools.

English Typing Training Course

This English typing training course is designed to improve typing in English Language and with the accuracy in this language you may able to start a job in a reputed organization and have a strong grip English alphabets. It is the best typing course to get complete accuracy and typing speed in English language in order to get 100 percent accuracy in typing you need more and more practise this may increase your speed and accuracy as well with the passage of time.

Programming Fundamentals Course

This computer course will introduce you the fundamentals of programming codes and the 4 basis of coding and How to code for beginners using different programming languages and main focus of this computer programming course is creation of logic write a program by using logics and critical thinking the basic programming concepts include variable, basic control structures, data structures and many more. The three fundamentals of programming are;

  • Object-Oriented Programming Principles.
  • Design Patterns.
  • Data Structures.

At the end of the program you need to troubleshooting and debugging your code of the program to check that it is working accurately by using various programming tools in order to develop software application or web applications.

Advance Computer Courses in Mughalpura Lahore

In advance computer courses in Mughalpura Lahore we categorized the best computer courses of Genuine Tech in which you may enroll and start your career or your own business without any investment. With this computer short courses, you may able to work in any organization and have such skills which is best for the future technologies. Here is the list of our best advance computer courses;

  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Full Stack Graphic Designing
  • WordPress Full Customization
  • Digital Media Marketing Course
  • Computer Information Technology
  • Advance PHP with Laravel
  • Computer Hardware & Software
  • Become a Coding Expert

Full Stack Web Development Course

In this advance computer courses you can learn how to design a website using the Front-End and the Back-End programming languages. In Front-End technologies you have to learn the designing languages in order to create the structure of the website which may include HTML for creating web pages and CSS for designing we pages, Bootstrap for the responsiveness of the website and the JavaScript for the functionality of the website this is complete front-end technologies in which a structure of the website is developed.
In Back-End Technologies you have to deal with the programming languages like php with laravel and server scripting high level languages as well like Python, Node and React and many more. As a full stack web developer, you are responsible for the designing of the website and functionality here is the tasks and responsibilities of a full stack web developer;

  • Build both the front end and the back end of a website.
  • Designing user interfaces and navigation menus.
  • Creating databases and servers.
  • Integrating multimedia content onto a site.
  • Testing Web applications.
  • Troubleshooting problems with performance or user experience.

Full stack Graphic Designing: Become a Full Stack Graphic Designer

Full Stack Graphic Designing course in Mughalpura Lahore may include the learning steps about the creativity and the designing & art. In this graphics and design computer course you can learn about the shapes and design principal & process within this computer course you can learn about the Fundamentals of Color and the best graphics and design tools in order to master the graphic design program. Graphic designing is the art of creativity and the culture which is implementing in patterns form.
As a full stack graphic designer you may be proficient in graphic design principals & process, coloring scheme and the image size resolution & many more here we discuss the few responsibilities of a full stack graphic designer;

  • Create and execute a unique design language to enhance customer experience.
  • Create visual communications such as adverts, branding, publicity material and magazine layouts.
  • Edit commercial and lifestyle photography.
  • Update to date with the google trends like with design and software.
  • Adapt existing creatives for different markets.

WordPress Full Customization Course

WordPress Full Customization Course in Pakistan provided by Genuine Tech (GT) which may covers the every aspect of the development and designing field. With these WordPress with seo course you may be able to learn a lot of things like you can build business sites and start your own business or you can create your own portfolios and resumes and many more. Here in this WordPress Computer Course, you may learn;

  • Understand the Conceptional Framework of WordPress.
  • Learn the page and post creation of a WordPress websites.
  • Learn to Create and Manage your own WordPress Themes and plugin.
  • Launch your own Professional Blog, e-commerce.

Digital Media Marketing Course

In this digital media and marketing course you learn about the mass media and communications, digital marketing techniques and tricks, content development and much more like the 4 main of digital marketing which may include Content Marketing along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing (SMM). After the completion of this course, you can start your career in digital marketing and earn a six-figure salary and get a better and secure future. Here are some popular digital marketing types which you learn;

  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Influencer Marketing.

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In order to familiar to the latest google trends and technology you may need to join these computer courses offering by the Genuine Tech which is the best IT training institute in lahore Pakistan we are providing indiviual trainings to every student for their better learning and give real life tasks and assignments to every students once they complete it than we further continue the lessons and if they are facing problem in assignment and tasks we guide them about that so in this way they complete their computer courses and get the certification at the end of the course and start their career in the modern world.
In this technology era computer courses in Mughalpura may unlock the career success opportunities for candidates.

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